Monday, April 9, 2012

Back With a Vengeance!

Okay, maybe not with vengeance but still, back to say the least.  I never intended for my hiatus for the blog to last so long!  The last week of March was really hectic, so I decided to take a few days off from the blog to catch up on life and start fresh in April.  Well, the first week of April came and went and I never came back to the computer. 

The waning desire to blog stems from numerous problems.  First, my camera is dying a slow and painful death.  I know I've mentioned that before and yet, I still haven't done anything about it!  The picture quality becomes worse and worse each day.  I've been meaning to get a new camera, and, I want to use credit card points to get one because I am a bit low on funds right now. I just haven't gotten around to searching for what my options are or how to go about trading in credit card points for real stuff (believe it or not, I've never done that before!)

Next, I began the blog to get more wear out of my wardrobe.  I love clothes, especially new clothes and frequently buy things that are quickly forgotten.  I tend to wear the same old, same old everytime I approach my closet. I thought blogging would help to get my out of that rut and mix and match my clothes more.  It did, initially, but now I feel like I keep posting the NEW same old, same old... I feel like I was better about wearing some of my spring/summer things in the fall and winter with various cardigans and tights.  The problem is, now that it IS spring, I am sick of all of my spring clothes because I wore them all winter and I am tired of posting the same dresses over and over.

Third, I've gained a lot of weight in the past few months. Nothing horrific, though I am slightly horrified from it.  So, I've been really unhappy with how I look in the pictures I DO have.  While I've been posting the less-than-photogenic photos anyway just to keep blogging, I've been very unhappy with how everything fits as of late.  Plus, now when I smile, I ALWAYS have a double chin (see picture below) and that makes me really unhappy; I find it causes me to only half-smile (again, see below) but then I really hate the picture because I STILL have a double chin and only a half smile which looks rather awkward.  Sigh.

Finally, while life's been busy with baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, spring holidays, etc. I've been finding that I am not taking as many pictures as usual so I have less photos available to post.  I think this reason stems back to the first; because of the poor picture quality, I am less likely to dig my camera out and take photos.

Hopefully as spring rolls into full gear I'll get back on track, get moving more to shed some of the pounds, and get a new camera so I can get back to blogging!  For now, here is a casual outfit of the day:
Shirt and Jewelry: The Limited circa 2009
Flip-flops: J Crew 2009
Jeans: Banana Republic Petite outlet

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