Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Edition and a Mini Hiatus

This has already been an extremely eventful week.  Saturday, my cousin Katie had a sweet baby girl.  Welcome to the family, Olivia! Over the weekend, I was in NYC for Newsies and arrived home very sick and a bit crabby. Work has been insane this week, and I am greatly looking forward to the weekend!  Next week, I am going home to visit some family and celebrate my grandpa's 85th birthday.  Because of the packing and traveling I am taking a little hiatus from the blog and will return to posting sometime next week.  For now, here's an outfit of the day:
Dress: Sugared, Anthropologie 2011
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Shoes: J Crew

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Review

Monday morning I arrived home after a fabulous weekend in NYC around 3:30 am.  After a brief sleep, I woke up with a ridiculously painful throat and pounding head, so I stayed home from work.  More on NYC later, today's post is about the Hunger Games premier, which, by now I am sure you have seen.

Thursday night my friend, Jen, and I joined the line around 5 to wait for the show.  The theater was fairly crowded, but not nearly as packed as I have seen it for a Harry Potter event!  While waiting, we played some games on ipad, did a bit of work, and just chit-chatted.  Around 8:45 we were allowed in the theater and scored prime seating making it worth the wait.  Around 10 our friend, Sara, joined us.  For a midnight showing, I always say 8-10pm is the hardest time to wait.  After 10, the excitement starts to build again.  I think I must be getting crankier in my old age.  This time around, 10-12 was by far the most difficult time!  By 10:30, everyone in the theater was annoying the heck out of me and I was ready to leave!

I'm glad I stuck it out, however.  The movie was well done. Sure, they left out some of my favorite parts and didn't truly develop many of the relationships.  But, I understand that they had to cram an entire book into 2 and a half hours.  If you haven't read the books, you may definitely have some questions or holes when seeing the movie.  Those who are HG fans will probably appreciate some of the details brought to life.  I definitely need to see it again to take it all in.

Last week I wore the banded lace skirt from Anthropologie and "summerized" it for the 80 degree day by pairing it with some black sandals and a short sleeve shirt.  I think this skirt will definitely be one that I can wear year-round!

Friday, March 23, 2012

No Rest for the Weary

You're probably wondering how the Hunger Games premier was.  Unfortunately, I am writing this BEFORE the midnight showing.  That's right. Arriving home around 3am, followed by an 8 am work meeting means I need to crawl right into bed and leave little time for playing around on these internets.  Early tomorrow morning I am heading to NYC with my cousin Emily for the weekend, and to see Newsies on Broadway!  Stay tuned next week for details on our adventures as well as Hunger Games info.  I promise I'll have some updates then.

For now, here is an outfit of the day- with HUGE hair:

Four Petal Cardi, Anthropologie 2010
Shirt and shoes: Banana Republic
Headband: Lou Lou Boutiques

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

Tonight is the midnight showing of The Hunger Games, the first story in the triology.

I was born ready.

Tickets in IMAX.   Check.

Hunger Games reading material to read while waiting in line.  Check.

Hunger Games cupcakes to snack on while waiting.  Check.

Hunger Games necklace to wear to the show.  Check.  (Couldn't get a clear picture of this... the circles say "real" and "not real" with a pearl)

Let the 74th Hunger Games (and 7+ hours of waiting in line begin!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Basil Chicken a la Jen and Amy

The other day, I bought all the ingredients to make Chicken in Basil-Mustard Sauce; a recipe that is quick, easy, and very tasty.  I make it frequently.  I realized after I was done cooking and eating that something wasn't quite right. It was then that it dawned on me that I forgot to add both the basil and the pesto the the sauce.  So, basically I was having chicken in mustard sauce.  The next day, I had plans to hang out with my friend, Jen.  Generally we talk turns cooking dinner.  I emailed her and asked, "What can we make with chicken, basil, and pesto?"  I was determined to avoid the basil and pesto from spoiling and going to waste.  She replied that she was certain we could come up with something.

So, I packed up the unused ingredients and headed her way after work.  We seared the chicken, made a pasta, and then tossed in all in pesto before adding tomatoes, chickpeas, and of course, the fresh basil.  We actually came up with a delightful dish!  The chicken pasta ended up being very tasty and we decided it was worth remembering to make again.  Check out our concoction below!

First, here's the outfit of the day:

Dress: Secret Treasures, Anthropologie
Necklace: O'Keefe Necklace, Anthropologie
Belt: Tea Rose, Anthropologie
Shoes: J. Crew

The yummy pasta dish!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Shower

As I mentioned before, my friend Hyun June is getting married in April.  This past Saturday we held her shower at her mother's house. The wedding colors are purple so we had lots of purple around!  My friend Courtney ordered purple napkins and engagement ring napkin holders.  She also found cute Godiva Wedding Cakes as party favors.  I made ice cubes in the shape of engagement rings and had cupcakes dyed to match the exact color of our bridesmaid dresses.  Hyun June's mom is a florist, she she arranged some flowers to be centerpieces around the kitchen.  It was a warm sunshiny afternoon- a perfect day to celebrate upcoming nuptials! 
The bridal party- Hyun June, the bride is in the center surrounded by her bridesmaids

The dessert!  The icing is the color of our bridesmaid dresses

Personalized napkins

Party favors: Godiva Chocolate Cakes

With the bride-to-be!
OOTD: I did not plan to wear this, but the skirt I wanted to wear wasn't working.  Luckily, this one arrived the day of the shower so I decided to give it a-go. I LOVE it!
Hairclip: Anthropologie
Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Skirt: Embroidered Paperwhites Skirt, Anthropologie 2012
Shoes: J. Crew

Monday, March 19, 2012

Headless Sea Creature

Last week, it was in the high 70s and low 80s in the greater DC area.  In March.  I still can't get past it.  So, despite pasty legs and the fact that according to the calendar it is still winter, I dug out the sundresses.  The air conditioning at work will not be turned on for at least a few more weeks so my office was a sweltering sauna.  It was at least 15-20 degrees warmer in my office than outside, so it was difficult to not wear beach get-up to work.
I wore Anna Sui's Marine Mural Dress with a bright J. Crew cardigan.  My face was super red in the picture so I had to cut it off, hence looking like a headless monster.  Sorry about that.  Luckily, this week is supposed to be much cooler so hopefully I can hold off on the summer clothes for a bit longer and get some wear out of spring things!
Dress: Anthropologie 2010
Shoes and cardigan: J Crew

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Began to See You and Me Through Rose Colored Glass

My friend Hyun June is getting married in April and the excitement is growing for the festivities!  Monday I went with her to a wedding showcase (her fiance had another commitment) and we had a lot of laughs while tasting appetizers, sipping "signature" cocktails, and taking one too many photos in the photobooth. (See them below)

Monday was a long day for me as I facilitated a leadership team retreat all morning and then had 4 meetings in the afternoon before heading off to meet Hyun June. I decided to wear some bright bold colors to ring in the time change and arrival of spring.  This skirt is actually the first item I ever purchased from Anthropologie, about 6 or 7 years ago.  Does anyone know the name of it? I paired it with Anthro'ss purple Craft and Creation top by Deletta from 2010 and also wore a bright green cardigan from Ann Taylor loft.  

...And here's the Pansy Corset Trench.  I've been wearing it most chilly days since it's been in the 50s and 60s lately.

Finally, here are the photobooth pictures from the wedding showcase!  We were a bit silly.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Night of Opera

Last Friday I went to the Kennedy Center to see an Opera, Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte.  I realized that while I frequent the Kennedy Center for various performances this was my first opera!  It was fabulous and very funny. I now want to go through life singing everything in Italian.  (Not a very realistic goal, though, since I don't speak Italian).

I decided to wear my J. Crew striped dress with my Anthro beaded belt.  Unfortunately, too late, I realized that is the EXACT same thing I wore to the Kennedy Center HERE in August with the exact same group of friends. Generally I don't wear the same thing twice with the same group of friends in the same venue.  When I woke up on Friday morning, I realized we lost power and my alarm didn't go off.  So, I had to rush to get ready and this was the first thing I saw in my closet.  It was meant to be the OOTD.

PS Today is my friend, Raechel's birthday!  Happy birthday, Doll!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'll Have to Find Another Tower Somewhere and Keep Away From the Windows

Another day of training means another messy pony tail.  This skirt is one I haven't worn in awhile.  It's ancient- I bought it years ago at the Limited. Usually I wear a brown top with it but decided to pair it with this Anthro tee by Pilcro and my green banana republic cardi.  The bold colors definitely spiced up this skirt!

I was able to catch up with some long lost pals over the weekend.  On Saturday I went to a friend's housewarming party then on Sunday, my former co-worker had a bunch of former colleagues over for snacks/dinner/desserts and lots of conversation.  it was fun chatting and reminiscing!  How did you spend your weekend?

Shirt: Anthro, Fall 2011
Cardi: Banana Republic Petite, Spring 2011
Skirt: Limited circa 2004
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: Notice

Monday, March 12, 2012

Round like a Record

Last week I had a training for work and decided to wear my record skirt.  Training days are hard for me because it requires an entire day of sitting.  When I sit for awhile, I tend to freeze so layers are the best bet!  It was a really warm day (close to 70!) so I paired my record skirt with a cardi from J Crew that has pale pink stripes.  It turned out to be the perfect not-to-casual-not-to-dressy outfit for the day!  I had to be up and out the door at the crack of dawn, hence the hair-in-a-messy-pony-tail look. Here's the OOTD:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Can't You Make Up Your Mind, This Time?

Happy Friday! This week proved to be an exhausting one at work so I am greatly looking forward to the weekend! Tonight I am heading to the Kennedy Center with 4 friends to see Cosi Fan Tutte.  Tomorrow night I have 2 parties I am going to swing by and on Sunday I have an afternoon "reunion" with some former colleagues.  More on all of those events next week.  How are you spending the weekend?

To transition from winter to spring, I decided to give some fall things one last go around before packing them in.  The Wightwick Manor shirt dress is no exception!  I wore this earlier in the week with Anthro's Looping Lanes Belt and brown boots.  Now it's time to hang this up until next October.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easier Said Than Done

I've been reading blog posts featuring the Dulcie Dress from Anthropologie's Fall collection this year.  Many commenters have mentioned that this dress is easy to style due to its neutral color scheme. I whole-heartedly disagree!  (I'm sorry if you are one of these commenters!) While the color itself is neutral, the style of the dress makes it a challenge.  The top is a winter weight wool, yet it is sleeveless so for day-to-day wear it definitely requires a cardigan.  I feel like I always style this dress the same way, but in reality, I've never worn it the same way twice!  I do tend to always pair it with black or brown, though, and I've seen a few people wear navy with it.  Since it is a neutral, I would love to wear a bright color but can't find anything that works with the poofy skirt and wool-textured top.

The first time I wore it (check it out HERE) I wore a long sleeve black cardigan, headband, and ballet flats. The next time, (see it HERE) I went with a brown cardigan and the rennsselaer T-straps.  Since it was a bit warmer this week, I went with a short sleeved black cardigan.  Despite the cardigan and shoe differences, I've always worn the same necklace with this dress!  They work well together for me.
Dulcie Dress and Biloba necklace: Anthropologie
Ballet Flats and tights: Banana Republic
Cardigan: The Limited

How would you/do you style the Dulcie dress?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Denim Days Continue

Well, here's yet another post where I am sporting denim... I promise this will be the last one for a little while!  I wore this outfit a week and half ago when I went out for dinner and drinks with my friends, Courtney and Jason and for some reason never got around to posting it. It was a rainy, windy night so jeans were definitely in order.  I did, however, wear shoes when I went out!  Not quite sure why I snapped these pictures before putting them on.
Top, necklace, and belt: Anthropologie
Cardigan: American Eagle Outlet
Jeans: Banana Republic Petite
Feather hair clip: Lou Lou Boutiques

Speaking of shoes, I am having the worst time finding shoes to were in my friend Hyun June's wedding.  She wants us to wear black strappy heels. You would think that would be an easy find... it isn't!  It's not even that I can't find shoes that I like, it's that I can't find any at all.  I've tried Nine West, Steve Madden, Zappos, DSW, Piperlime, etc.  Every place I can think of.  No one has a black strappy heel (at least not one that they sell in my shoe size) all they have a regular old pumps.  I still have about 2 months to locate a shoe before the big day, but as more and more time ticks by I am growing nervous about finding something!  Suggestions on where to look?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sky Blue

Last week I mentioned that I've been wearing various shades of the same light blue/green color.  This post is no exception!  Last week I wore this sky blue tank and top from Banana Republic spring 2010 collection.  I love this set because it makes my eyes look very blue, it's extremely comfortable, and I can usually dress it up or down.  Here is a dressed down example as I paired it with a denim skirt, also from Banana Republic petite. In these pictures, it kind of looks like you can see my belly through the top shirt, but I assure you, it is the skirt!  The top layer is sheer, and I tucked the tank top layer into the skirt underneath.

Top and Skirt: Banana Republic Petite
Tights: J Crew
Jewelry: Premier Designs
Shoes: Anthropologie
I've been itchy to buy some new spring clothes, but lately haven't found too many things that have caught my eye.  I'm working on putting together a March Wishlist post- hopefully I'll find enough items to make it worthwhile!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Rundown

I spent the weekend catching up with various friends and eating, eating, eating!  I think I went out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day.  It was definitely worth it to see some pals I haven't seen in some time, and, I always enjoy food! For the weekend I dressed more casually than usual.  Also, as the weather has been in the 50s, it's harder for me dress up appropriately... I want to bring out the spring skirts and dresses but the temperatures aren't quite warm enough.  So, that means I've been sporting jeans and spring tops lately.  Here is what I wore on Friday for a casual dinner and drinks with the girls after work:

Top: Zigzags and Zinnias Blouse, Anthropologie
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet
Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: J. Crew

Today happens to be my youngest sister's (Erin's) birthday.  You met her HERE.  Happy Birthday, Erin!  it just so happens that a few years ago for her birthday I bought Erin this top... and one for me, too!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Walking On A Wire

Happy Friday!  I realized this morning that I basically wore the same color all week in different formats. You'll see more of this week's outfits next week, but here is another sampling. As we are moving into March, I brought out the sagebrush skirt from Anthropologie's spring line last year.  I adore this skirt, and I am sad to report that it is getting a bit tight, so I need to tone up if I am still going to be able to wear it this spring season!
Skirt: Sage Brush, Anthropologie spring 2011
Shirt: Gap, too long ago to recall
Cardi: Banana Republic, Fall 2011
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: Banana republic Outlet, summer 2011

Wednesday night I made it to Banana Republic's unveiling of the Mad Men Collection.  I'm glad I did, because shortly after the line launched, many items were sold out in multiple sizes, both in petite and regular stores.  I was able to snag the Joan Sheath, which I am happy to report is offered in petite.  I tried on both the 0 and the 2... the 0 looked better on (it is a dress meant to hug curves) but it felt too tight so I went with the 2 to be more comfortable even though it is noticeably looser.  Nothing else from the line worked for me, although I do have my eye on a few pieces of jewelry.  This is the dress I bought:

Did you purchase anything from the 60s-inspired line?

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've been feeling blah about my wardrobe lately, and I'm trying extra hard NOT to shop so much!  I needed to mix some things up to feel like I have new clothes to wear as we transition into spring.  This outfit was a nice hodge-podge of newish items.  The seafoam colored cardi is the melodious cardigan from Anthropologie.  I bought it at the opening of the Anthro in Old Town that I attended in January.  I thought about returning it because it is rather pricey, but I ended up keeping it because I love the color and fit.  I received many compliments on it, so I think others agree!
I purchased this navy skirt on super sale from J. Crew.  I've been seeking a navy skirt that isn't lacy, textured, or patterned.  This skirt fit the bill!  I bought it over President's Day weekend when J. Crew was having 20% off online orders. If you love it, you may want to purchase it now.  J Crew is offering 30% off all sale items.  View it here.
Finally, this leaves the cream lace shirt and tights. I bought both of these items in August, yes, August and just wore them for the first time this week!  The top is from Banana Republic petite.  They have a similar top coming out in the Mad Men line which is debuting today.  The tights are J. Crew and they have a flower pattern on them.  So, this entire outfit was new to me today, but many of the items I've had for some time.
I paired the outfit with my Satin Swoop Heels because they definitely do not get as much love or wear as they deserve!