Friday, March 2, 2012

Walking On A Wire

Happy Friday!  I realized this morning that I basically wore the same color all week in different formats. You'll see more of this week's outfits next week, but here is another sampling. As we are moving into March, I brought out the sagebrush skirt from Anthropologie's spring line last year.  I adore this skirt, and I am sad to report that it is getting a bit tight, so I need to tone up if I am still going to be able to wear it this spring season!
Skirt: Sage Brush, Anthropologie spring 2011
Shirt: Gap, too long ago to recall
Cardi: Banana Republic, Fall 2011
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: Banana republic Outlet, summer 2011

Wednesday night I made it to Banana Republic's unveiling of the Mad Men Collection.  I'm glad I did, because shortly after the line launched, many items were sold out in multiple sizes, both in petite and regular stores.  I was able to snag the Joan Sheath, which I am happy to report is offered in petite.  I tried on both the 0 and the 2... the 0 looked better on (it is a dress meant to hug curves) but it felt too tight so I went with the 2 to be more comfortable even though it is noticeably looser.  Nothing else from the line worked for me, although I do have my eye on a few pieces of jewelry.  This is the dress I bought:

Did you purchase anything from the 60s-inspired line?

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