Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In Review

Monday morning I arrived home after a fabulous weekend in NYC around 3:30 am.  After a brief sleep, I woke up with a ridiculously painful throat and pounding head, so I stayed home from work.  More on NYC later, today's post is about the Hunger Games premier, which, by now I am sure you have seen.

Thursday night my friend, Jen, and I joined the line around 5 to wait for the show.  The theater was fairly crowded, but not nearly as packed as I have seen it for a Harry Potter event!  While waiting, we played some games on ipad, did a bit of work, and just chit-chatted.  Around 8:45 we were allowed in the theater and scored prime seating making it worth the wait.  Around 10 our friend, Sara, joined us.  For a midnight showing, I always say 8-10pm is the hardest time to wait.  After 10, the excitement starts to build again.  I think I must be getting crankier in my old age.  This time around, 10-12 was by far the most difficult time!  By 10:30, everyone in the theater was annoying the heck out of me and I was ready to leave!

I'm glad I stuck it out, however.  The movie was well done. Sure, they left out some of my favorite parts and didn't truly develop many of the relationships.  But, I understand that they had to cram an entire book into 2 and a half hours.  If you haven't read the books, you may definitely have some questions or holes when seeing the movie.  Those who are HG fans will probably appreciate some of the details brought to life.  I definitely need to see it again to take it all in.

Last week I wore the banded lace skirt from Anthropologie and "summerized" it for the 80 degree day by pairing it with some black sandals and a short sleeve shirt.  I think this skirt will definitely be one that I can wear year-round!

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