Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sugar Coated

The final days of November have been rather warm here in Northern VA!  To make the most of it, I decided to wear the Sugared dress AGAIN before the frigid cold sets in.  This time I paired it up with a mustard-colored cardi.

Dress: Sugared Dress, Anthropologie, 2011
Shoes: Rennsselaer T-Straps, Anthropologie, 2010
Cardigan: Jackie, J. Crew Outlet, 2011

This week is exhausting me at work so I don't have time to write much.  Actually, the next few weeks will be a bit insane, but hopefully I can get back on track soon!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Afraid Nothing Can Save Me But the Sound of Your Voice

You know there's nothing I love more than an interesting hairpiece.  Last week I had a 1/2 day leadership conference, which of course meant I needed to wear something unusual in my hair to go to our administrative building.  When digging through my closet, I realized I haven't worn the Reed Shirt dress yet this year.  I love this timeless classic; last year, it was definitely a part of my winter 30 for 30 challenge as it is so versatile.  For this outfit, it was simple enough that my hairclip could really pop!

I bought these camel colored boots in October from Banana Republic.  Every time I put them on to wear them, though, I felt like a country bumpkin.  I decided to return them but Banana wouldn't take them back because I was just shy of their 45 day return window!!  I couldn't believe it- I actually thought there were 60 days on their return policy.  Plus, they are still selling the boots at full price, so they definitely wouldn't lose any money by accepting my return and re-selling.  Oh, well.  Since I had to keep them, I decided I might as well wear them! What do you think?  Cute or too country?

Dress: Reed Shirt Dress, Anthropologie, 2009
Boots: Banana Republic Fall 2011
Belt: Anthropologie 2009
Hair clip: Lou Lou Boutique

Monday, November 28, 2011

I Can't Lie, You're On My Mind, Stuck Inside My Head

Happy Monday, Readers!  Did you have an incredible Thanksgiving weekend?  I spent a lot of time with family and friends, eating and drinking to my heart's content.  I am currently the reigning Chinese Checkers champ at my parents house.  I know, that is definitely a title worth bragging about, so I am bragging about it here.

I came home Saturday night to give myself Sunday to get life in order before the work week begins.  I did get many things put away (especially all those fall dishes from the chili tasting last Sunday!), finished a few loads of laundry, and decorated the house for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to a few "must dos" which means it is going to be a busy week of delving back into work and catching up on house work at home.

Here's a outfit of the day that is long overdue.  I bought the Colorblock skirt in August and finally wore it last week. Not sure what took so long to get it into rotation.  I paired it with a orange tee and camel colored cardi.  This skirt is hard to match tops with because the colors are so unique. I hope it doesn't prevent me from wearing it often this winter because it is very comfortable. What would you pair it with?

Skirt: Colorblock skirt, Anthropologie 2011
Tee: Solid Boy Tee, Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Cardigan: Merino, Banana Republic, Fall 2011
Necklace: Anthropologie 2010
Boots: Nine West

Friday, November 25, 2011

Turducken Overload

Happy Black Friday!  When I was younger, my older sister and I used to wake up at the crack of dawn to hit the early morning sales.  I am glad those days are over so I can relax and sleep in after feasting the day before.  I did contemplate heading to the Anthro near my parents this morning at 6 a.m.- I am in love with the Oh to Dream bedding. It is on sale currently and of course, 50% off this morning before 11.  The nearby store had 2 queen size quilts left, and I was ready to fight to the death for one of them.  Then my mother pointed out the logical fact that I never have any money because I always by things I don't need, like new bedding.  Good point.  Will stay in bed instead and someone else can enjoy the Oh to Dream beauty.

Did you have a fabulous Thanksgiving? We ate, ate, ate all day long. It was fabulous.  No, my family does not eat Turducken, but my dad tries hard each year to get my mother to make one. If you are unfamiliar with turducken, it is a chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey.  That's triple meat, friends.  Paula Deen has a recipe for one here if you want to check it out yourself.

Since it is Black Friday, today seems like the perfect day to post my November wish list.  Yes, I realize November is nearly over and I am just getting to it now; oy.  So without further a-do, here are some items I am currently craving.
Anthropologie's Buttered Tweed Skirt, $128
Love the color, love the look, must own it. Did I mention it comes in Petite?  Added bonus.
Anthropologie's Polka Rounds Clutch, $148
Polka dots=happiness.  Everyone wants this clutch though, so I will probably never own it.  It is a cutie!
Anthropologie's Scattered Rows Cardigan, $118
This guy is cute, whimsical, and multi-seasonal.  Haven't seen it IRL yet, though.  Trying to hold out for sale, but may have to order it before free shipping ends this month!
Anthropologie's Windswept Cardigan, $128
...because I need another navy card with beaded crap on it.  LOVE this... while it is "windswept" it reminds me of the 4th of July.  Will definitely wait for sale, though, as I own about 6 navy cardigans
Anthropologie's Preppy Pleats Pullover, $88
When I saw this online, I didn't think twice about it. However, when I saw it in the store on Thursday my heart melted.  I haven't purchased any sweaters yet this year, so I may need to grab this one. One of the reviewers mentioned it is a 60s style, so perhaps that is why I am so drawn to it.
Anthropologie's Raspberry Jacquard Dress, $168
Haven't seen this dress IRL but what I see online I love!  Reviews have been pretty good, too, for petites.
What is on your lust list?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful For...

It's Thanksgiving morning, and what are you thankful for?  I am thankful for too many things to count!  I will list a few here in between the OOTD.

I am thankful for my beautiful family who always makes me laugh, is prepared to smile at any moment for my ever-ready camera, and makes life more enjoyable just by existing. I am truly blessed to belong to such a wonderful- and growing!- clan.

I am thankful for my fabulous friends. You might think your friends are amazing, but that's only because you haven't met mine.  My friends support all of my endeavors and hair-brained ideas, listen to me even when I am irrational, and offer sound advice to get me through life's crazier moments. Without ALL of you (and there's a LOT of you!) life wouldn't be worth living.

I am thankful for my hardworking colleagues.  You keep me grounded when I am overwhelmed with your humor and patience.  Your dedication to our work day in and day out is inspiring and motivates me to work harder each day to change the lives of those we work for.

I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity of life.  Thank you for carrying me through the difficult times and allowing me the opportunity to wake up each morning to strive to be a better person than I was yesterday.
Cardigan: The Limited
Top: Express
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Boots: Nine West

What are you thankful for?

edit at 8:45pm: I sent one of my best friends, Chad, a text today that said a few things, but also that I was thankful for his sunshine.  He wrote back and said he was thankful he has me to shine on... prime example, my friends are amazing and always keep me smiling.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chantilly Lace

This summer/fall I fell in love with the Mad Men collection from Banana Republic.  The 60s style is definitely right up my alley- I am fairly certain I was born in the wrong decade.   I wore this lace dress on my birthday a few months ago but haven't worn it since.  This time, I paired the dress with a pop of color by wearing a salmon colored cardi. This is also what my hair looks like when I sleep on it wet.  Awesome, I know.

Dress: Banana Republic Mad Men Collection, Fall 2011
Cardigan: J. Crew, circa 2009
Shoes: Rensselaer T Straps, Anthropologie, Fall 2010
Today there is only a 1/2 day of work before Thanksgiving vacation!  I am going to Pennsylvania to visit my family and I can hardly wait!  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, basically because I love to eat so much.  I am excited to be lazy and eat, eat, eat all weekend long.  What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Run as Fast As You Can In Your Mind

For Thanksgiving week, the weather is pretty mild... my kind of November!  Don't get me wrong, I love a good snow day with a mug of hot chocolate and time to relax and read.  But, that kind of frosty day needs to come in January, not now.  So, I've been pretty happy to have the opportunity to wear my fall clothes without needing a coat!  I hope this weather lasts all week so I can continue to wear my fall threads without having to bust out thicker winter sweaters.

I decided to wear my cultivation skirt again because I bought it in July and only wore it ONCE.  GAH!  I have to get more wear out of my clothes.  The problem is, I can't think of anything to wear it with aside from what I am wearing here. I guess it I only wear it a few times a year, it is fine to wear the same top, cardi, and belt but I would like to mix it up at some point.  Suggestions on what to wear with this skirt?

Skirt: Anthropologie Cultivation Skirt, Spring 2011
Tee Shirt: Anthropologie, Summer 2011
Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet, Fall 2011
Necklace: Anthropologie, Fall/Winter 2010
Belt: J Crew, Summer 2009
Shoes: Nine West

Monday, November 21, 2011

Chili Tasting

Happy Monday, Readers! Last night, I had some pals over for a chili tasting.  Now that it is late fall, I figured chili was the perfect dish... and then it was in the mid-60s.  Sigh.  I can't win.  Anyway, I made 3 different chilies: my mom's famous 3-bean chili, a traditional beef chili, and a turkey white bean pumpkin chili (very appropriate for Thanksgiving week.)  Believe it or not, making 3 chilies didn't take much time at all.  I bought all the groceries Saturday morning, then I browned the ground beef and chopped all the peppers (I bought diced onion already to cheat).  Sunday morning I woke up, tossed everything into it's appropriate crockpot, and headed off to church while the 3 dishes simmered away.  Yes, I own 3 crockpots.  Everyone asks about that.  I need 3. First of all, they are all different sizes which is crucial.  Secondly, when entertaining, I like to have multiple things cooking at once and crockpots are the easiest way to master that goal.

On the left, 3 bean chili
On the right, turkey white bean pumpkin chili.  Yep, my house smelled delicious all day

Traditional Beef Chili (this crockpot needed it's own outlet so as to avoid blowing a fuse)
You know fall clothes are my favorite of all. Well, also close to my heart are fall dishes.  I love dishes.  I love to entertain.  My favorite entertaining season is the fall so I can use all of these fabulous serving pieces! Friends brought all the chili toppings, so I had the serving pieces out and ready to go for their arrival.

3 Tureens of Chili!  I made little festive fall labels for each one, using the French Foliage Stampin' Up set.  The tureen on the far left is from Crate and Barrel, the middle acorn is William Sonoma, and the pumpkin on the end is borrowed from my friend, Jen, who purchased this guy years ago at Target.
Love fall dishes!  Most of these are Crate and Barrel.  The acorn bowls are William Sonoma and the leaf and acorn plates are Pottery Barn.

Why plates, you ask?  We needed a little something to set Sara's spicy jalapeno bread and Staci's delicious french bread on to acompany our chili bowls.
What does the hostess of a chili tasting wear?  Something casual.  And, bare feet.  When you are the hostess, you can get away with no shoes.  This allows you to show off your cute, pink toenails in addition to comfort.  Ignore my red face here- I was HOT after running around cooking and cleaning all afternoon.

Cardigan: White House Black Market, Fall/Winter 2010
Tee Shirt: Gap Body
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet, Fall 2011
Toe Nail Polish: Zoya from Nov. Birchbox
Headband: unsure
 Finally, here are just a few pictures of the guests!  I didn't take many photos, as I was busy playing hostess.  Overall, the night was delightful.  I had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the company of some of my favorite friends.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Monday was my boss's birthday.  To "celebrate him subtly" we were all asked to wear black, white, and animal print.  Here's the thing about my boss, though.  He is extremely kind hearted and thoughtful.  He is most definitely NOT fashion forward. I knew there was no way he would notice that his employees were decked out in black and white... and I was right, he never knew.  Someone had to tell him towards the end of the day.  For my share in the black, white, and animal print ordeal, I went with a simple black dress, my snakeskin pumps, and my brand new necklace that I purchased when visiting Molly in Wisconsin.

Dress and tights: Banana Republic Petite
Necklace: Notice
Shoes: Banana Republic Jenna Pump, Fall 2011

This is the new necklace I bought at a cute shop in Lake Geneva called Notice
Too, on Monday a friend sent me this video clip of a trailer for, you guessed it, The Hunger Games.  I cannot wait... I don't know how I am going to handle the anticipation until March!! Yes, I know I just clearly stamped "nerd" on my forehead.  I also don't care.  I will be at the theater at Midnight on March 23 to fight to the death.
What do you think?  Will you join me at the midnight showing?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wisky Rebellion

Last weekend I went to Wisconsin (aka Wisky) to visit my sister and see her perform in the local symphony.  On Saturday, my mom flew in and we went to visit my aunt and cousin as well!  We had a lot of laughs (perhaps too many!) and ate our body weight in cheese.

On our way to Molly's from the airport, we stopped at the Mars Cheese Castle.  I thought this was going to be a castle made of cheese, but turns out it was a castle that SOLD cheese.  It also had lots of tacky decorations that required us to take pictures (see below).

Saturday we had lunch at my Aunt Luanne's house and then went shopping in lake Geneva before the symphony.  I bought a super cute necklace (stay tuned to see it soon!!  I wore it to work this week!) and lots of baby gifts for all of my prego friends and family.  The weekend flew by but was definitely a blast!
Molly in front of the Cheese Castle (it was late and dark!!)

Yep, this is what I mean when I say "cheesy decorations"

In the cheese castle, and in all anthro!  Can't remember the name of this top, it is a few years old.  Overtop is the Pansy Corset Trench, fall 2011

We celebrated my mom's birthday with cupcakes.  Her actual birthday is TODAY!  Happy Birthday, Mom!

Cousin Love: From left to right: Molly, Meagan, Me! Not to mention Sadie, the dog.

At the symphony!  I am wearing the Cabled Pathways Pullover from Anthropologie Fall/Winter 2010

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yes You Would and Yes You Did

Last Thursday while you were reading about my Date Night, I was on another date with the same man-boy. We went to dinner at Seasons 52 and then hung out for awhile afterwards.  Man-boy is still charming, conversation still delightful, and overall another enjoyable evening.  At one point I referenced that this was our second date, and he made a comment such as "keeping track, are you?"  Umm... not exactly, but I can count to 2.  (Too snarky?  Maybe.)  The most disappointing part of the night was that Seasons 52 got rid of my favorite drink- strawberry basil fusion. GAH!  Hopefully it will be back next summer.

I decided to wear the Magellan Dress from last spring at Anthro.  I love the colors and bold patterns in this dress.  It was a bit chilly and rainy, so I wore tights and bright yellow as an accent color.

Dress: Magellan, Anthropologie, Spring 2011
Cardigan: Whirl and Wind, Anthropologie, Fall 2010
Tights: Navy
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Fall 2010
Shoes: Nine West, Spring 2011
 What do you think?  Appropriate outfit for a dinner date?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Can't Be the Queen of Hearts, Girl, Without Your Crown

With my Anthro birthday discount in September, I purchased the darling Zenobia Tee and for some reason I never wore it!  I wanted to wear my rosy posy headband again, and, while trying to decide what to pair with it, I caught sight of the zenobia tee hanging off my door, just waiting to be worn.  Too, I haven't worn this black skirt yet which I purchased in August in preparation for fall.  The weather has been fairly mild, so I figured I could pull off bare legs for at least one more time before the winter winds set in!
Shirt: Zenobia Tee, Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Skirt: Banana Republic Fall 2011
Shoes: Nine West, Fall 2011
Headband: Rosy Posy Designs (etsy)
I have a feeling the zenobia tee will be a part of Anthro's Black Friday sale.  A word of advice if you are considering it: it is cute and comfortable but snags very easily so be cautious while wearing it!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Gonna Stand Here Til You Realize Why I'm Talking To You

Last Saturday my friend Ari and I went to see Jon McLaughlin at the 9:30 Club in DC.  If you don't know Jon, you should.  He is extremely swoonable.  His music is mellow, so I often listen to him while I am at work.  Since it was a concert, I decided to get decked out. When I arrived at Ari's house for us to head into town, she said "Look at you. Are you trying to get Jon to divorce his wife?"  Yep, that was exactly my motive.  The interesting thing is, aside from the boots and belt, I've had everything else in this outfit for about 12 years.  That's right.  It's an oldie.  Not sure if it's still a goodie.

Shirt, Skirt, Tank Top: The limited, Circa 2000
Boots: Nine West
Earrings: Premier Designs
Belt: J. Crew
Ring: Purchased in Cabo, MX
Too, this is the outfit I originally had on for the date I mentioned the other day.  Before leaving the house, I thought, "Really?  A sheer black lace top?"  Nope.  Off it went and I went with the gray sweaterdress instead.  Much more appropriate.  I have to save my black lace shirt for Jon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Casual Friday

Sometimes you just need a break from all the skirts and dresses. I decided I needed to get more wear out of the lovely safe keeping capelet. I know, I know.  I wore it HERE.  But actually this outfit is completely different: different jeans, different sweater, and this time a brand new headband. The only similarity is the capelet!  I had a pretty easy day at work with plenty of meetings so I figured this was the perfect outfit to get me through the day.

Tonight I am flying to WI to visit my younger sister, Molly.  Stay tuned for pictures from our weekend upon my return!
Shirt: Talbots, circa 2004
Sweater: Safe Keeping Capelet, Anthropologie, 2010
Jeans: American Eagle Outlet, 2009
Boots: Nine West
Headband: Lou Lou Boutiques, 2011


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Date Night

Last Wednesday I went on a date with a nice guy (or man/boy, as my friend would say) I met out on roommate date night (read about it here).   We met for a drink and then went to see George Clooney and Ryan Gosling in The Ides of March. I decided a sweaterdress was the perfect outfit for the occasion.  Actually, that's not true. I wore something completely different, but then changed my mind at the last minute to throw on this dress and had to send said boy a text saying "running late- fashion emergency."  He was very understanding (and truly, who wouldn't be, when faced with going on a date with me?).

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet, 2010
Necklace: Anthropologie, 2009
Shoes: Nine West

The movie was entertaining, the boy was complimentary on said outfit, the conversation was delightful and, yes, I saw the guy again post-date, but don't have any expectations... this is one I am sure isn't going anywhere productive! :)