Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yes You Would and Yes You Did

Last Thursday while you were reading about my Date Night, I was on another date with the same man-boy. We went to dinner at Seasons 52 and then hung out for awhile afterwards.  Man-boy is still charming, conversation still delightful, and overall another enjoyable evening.  At one point I referenced that this was our second date, and he made a comment such as "keeping track, are you?"  Umm... not exactly, but I can count to 2.  (Too snarky?  Maybe.)  The most disappointing part of the night was that Seasons 52 got rid of my favorite drink- strawberry basil fusion. GAH!  Hopefully it will be back next summer.

I decided to wear the Magellan Dress from last spring at Anthro.  I love the colors and bold patterns in this dress.  It was a bit chilly and rainy, so I wore tights and bright yellow as an accent color.

Dress: Magellan, Anthropologie, Spring 2011
Cardigan: Whirl and Wind, Anthropologie, Fall 2010
Tights: Navy
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Fall 2010
Shoes: Nine West, Spring 2011
 What do you think?  Appropriate outfit for a dinner date?


  1. Eh, too conservative probably. Save for your next date at the library.

  2. I love it and think it's perfect for a date!

    Katherine :)