Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Afraid Nothing Can Save Me But the Sound of Your Voice

You know there's nothing I love more than an interesting hairpiece.  Last week I had a 1/2 day leadership conference, which of course meant I needed to wear something unusual in my hair to go to our administrative building.  When digging through my closet, I realized I haven't worn the Reed Shirt dress yet this year.  I love this timeless classic; last year, it was definitely a part of my winter 30 for 30 challenge as it is so versatile.  For this outfit, it was simple enough that my hairclip could really pop!

I bought these camel colored boots in October from Banana Republic.  Every time I put them on to wear them, though, I felt like a country bumpkin.  I decided to return them but Banana wouldn't take them back because I was just shy of their 45 day return window!!  I couldn't believe it- I actually thought there were 60 days on their return policy.  Plus, they are still selling the boots at full price, so they definitely wouldn't lose any money by accepting my return and re-selling.  Oh, well.  Since I had to keep them, I decided I might as well wear them! What do you think?  Cute or too country?

Dress: Reed Shirt Dress, Anthropologie, 2009
Boots: Banana Republic Fall 2011
Belt: Anthropologie 2009
Hair clip: Lou Lou Boutique

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