Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful For...

It's Thanksgiving morning, and what are you thankful for?  I am thankful for too many things to count!  I will list a few here in between the OOTD.

I am thankful for my beautiful family who always makes me laugh, is prepared to smile at any moment for my ever-ready camera, and makes life more enjoyable just by existing. I am truly blessed to belong to such a wonderful- and growing!- clan.

I am thankful for my fabulous friends. You might think your friends are amazing, but that's only because you haven't met mine.  My friends support all of my endeavors and hair-brained ideas, listen to me even when I am irrational, and offer sound advice to get me through life's crazier moments. Without ALL of you (and there's a LOT of you!) life wouldn't be worth living.

I am thankful for my hardworking colleagues.  You keep me grounded when I am overwhelmed with your humor and patience.  Your dedication to our work day in and day out is inspiring and motivates me to work harder each day to change the lives of those we work for.

I am thankful to God for giving me this opportunity of life.  Thank you for carrying me through the difficult times and allowing me the opportunity to wake up each morning to strive to be a better person than I was yesterday.
Cardigan: The Limited
Top: Express
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft
Boots: Nine West

What are you thankful for?

edit at 8:45pm: I sent one of my best friends, Chad, a text today that said a few things, but also that I was thankful for his sunshine.  He wrote back and said he was thankful he has me to shine on... prime example, my friends are amazing and always keep me smiling.

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