Friday, November 18, 2011


Monday was my boss's birthday.  To "celebrate him subtly" we were all asked to wear black, white, and animal print.  Here's the thing about my boss, though.  He is extremely kind hearted and thoughtful.  He is most definitely NOT fashion forward. I knew there was no way he would notice that his employees were decked out in black and white... and I was right, he never knew.  Someone had to tell him towards the end of the day.  For my share in the black, white, and animal print ordeal, I went with a simple black dress, my snakeskin pumps, and my brand new necklace that I purchased when visiting Molly in Wisconsin.

Dress and tights: Banana Republic Petite
Necklace: Notice
Shoes: Banana Republic Jenna Pump, Fall 2011

This is the new necklace I bought at a cute shop in Lake Geneva called Notice
Too, on Monday a friend sent me this video clip of a trailer for, you guessed it, The Hunger Games.  I cannot wait... I don't know how I am going to handle the anticipation until March!! Yes, I know I just clearly stamped "nerd" on my forehead.  I also don't care.  I will be at the theater at Midnight on March 23 to fight to the death.
What do you think?  Will you join me at the midnight showing?


  1. You should spell cuss words with your necklace and see if people notice. I bet professional bogglers covet it.