Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Gonna Stand Here Til You Realize Why I'm Talking To You

Last Saturday my friend Ari and I went to see Jon McLaughlin at the 9:30 Club in DC.  If you don't know Jon, you should.  He is extremely swoonable.  His music is mellow, so I often listen to him while I am at work.  Since it was a concert, I decided to get decked out. When I arrived at Ari's house for us to head into town, she said "Look at you. Are you trying to get Jon to divorce his wife?"  Yep, that was exactly my motive.  The interesting thing is, aside from the boots and belt, I've had everything else in this outfit for about 12 years.  That's right.  It's an oldie.  Not sure if it's still a goodie.

Shirt, Skirt, Tank Top: The limited, Circa 2000
Boots: Nine West
Earrings: Premier Designs
Belt: J. Crew
Ring: Purchased in Cabo, MX
Too, this is the outfit I originally had on for the date I mentioned the other day.  Before leaving the house, I thought, "Really?  A sheer black lace top?"  Nope.  Off it went and I went with the gray sweaterdress instead.  Much more appropriate.  I have to save my black lace shirt for Jon.

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