Monday, November 7, 2011

I'd Dream of You If I Could Fall Asleep

Happy Monday, Readers!  This past weekend was beautiful and I spent some time outside, enjoying the fresh air. I discovered a new trail near my house that weaves through the woods; it was delightful walking among the fall leaves, wearing nothing but a light hoodie (well, I wore pants too, but I am referring to the lack of jacket) and escaping the traffic sounds I hear continuously, living in the suburbs of DC.

I decided to wear some BRIGHT fall colors to go along with the bold fall leaves.  A co-worker of mine said "WOW.  You're.... well, brave today.  I would never wear that color combination."  Then I felt self-conscious.  Maybe I shouldn't have worn this color combination, but too late I did.  I thought it was a nice autumn color scheme.
Shirt: Snape Stripe Turtleneck, Anthropologie, 2011
Skirt: Field Skirt, Anthropologie, 2010-2011
Tights: Anthropologie, 2011 (Just bought these, but for some reason, they aren't on the website)
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: 1luckysoul

Snaps on the sleeves!  Love that detail

This is the necklace my friend, Nena, gave me for my birthday from 1luckysoul.  Inside is a functioning pocketwatch
Thoughts? Is it too bold?
PS If you didn't see Roxy's post on Anthropologie's Black Friday Sale, you should.  Good news for all. :)

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