Monday, November 28, 2011

I Can't Lie, You're On My Mind, Stuck Inside My Head

Happy Monday, Readers!  Did you have an incredible Thanksgiving weekend?  I spent a lot of time with family and friends, eating and drinking to my heart's content.  I am currently the reigning Chinese Checkers champ at my parents house.  I know, that is definitely a title worth bragging about, so I am bragging about it here.

I came home Saturday night to give myself Sunday to get life in order before the work week begins.  I did get many things put away (especially all those fall dishes from the chili tasting last Sunday!), finished a few loads of laundry, and decorated the house for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to a few "must dos" which means it is going to be a busy week of delving back into work and catching up on house work at home.

Here's a outfit of the day that is long overdue.  I bought the Colorblock skirt in August and finally wore it last week. Not sure what took so long to get it into rotation.  I paired it with a orange tee and camel colored cardi.  This skirt is hard to match tops with because the colors are so unique. I hope it doesn't prevent me from wearing it often this winter because it is very comfortable. What would you pair it with?

Skirt: Colorblock skirt, Anthropologie 2011
Tee: Solid Boy Tee, Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Cardigan: Merino, Banana Republic, Fall 2011
Necklace: Anthropologie 2010
Boots: Nine West

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  1. The dark orange tee matches with the skirt perfectly! Looks very unique and outstanding! I have the same tee and am not sure what skirt can go with it, then I found ur post here, definitely like this idea!!!