Friday, November 11, 2011

Casual Friday

Sometimes you just need a break from all the skirts and dresses. I decided I needed to get more wear out of the lovely safe keeping capelet. I know, I know.  I wore it HERE.  But actually this outfit is completely different: different jeans, different sweater, and this time a brand new headband. The only similarity is the capelet!  I had a pretty easy day at work with plenty of meetings so I figured this was the perfect outfit to get me through the day.

Tonight I am flying to WI to visit my younger sister, Molly.  Stay tuned for pictures from our weekend upon my return!
Shirt: Talbots, circa 2004
Sweater: Safe Keeping Capelet, Anthropologie, 2010
Jeans: American Eagle Outlet, 2009
Boots: Nine West
Headband: Lou Lou Boutiques, 2011



  1. Cute outfit! I just wore my capelet the other day too. Such a perfect fall item. :)

  2. fyi-DOUGIE RHEAM WAS HERE! well, not HERE but here.