Monday, November 21, 2011

Chili Tasting

Happy Monday, Readers! Last night, I had some pals over for a chili tasting.  Now that it is late fall, I figured chili was the perfect dish... and then it was in the mid-60s.  Sigh.  I can't win.  Anyway, I made 3 different chilies: my mom's famous 3-bean chili, a traditional beef chili, and a turkey white bean pumpkin chili (very appropriate for Thanksgiving week.)  Believe it or not, making 3 chilies didn't take much time at all.  I bought all the groceries Saturday morning, then I browned the ground beef and chopped all the peppers (I bought diced onion already to cheat).  Sunday morning I woke up, tossed everything into it's appropriate crockpot, and headed off to church while the 3 dishes simmered away.  Yes, I own 3 crockpots.  Everyone asks about that.  I need 3. First of all, they are all different sizes which is crucial.  Secondly, when entertaining, I like to have multiple things cooking at once and crockpots are the easiest way to master that goal.

On the left, 3 bean chili
On the right, turkey white bean pumpkin chili.  Yep, my house smelled delicious all day

Traditional Beef Chili (this crockpot needed it's own outlet so as to avoid blowing a fuse)
You know fall clothes are my favorite of all. Well, also close to my heart are fall dishes.  I love dishes.  I love to entertain.  My favorite entertaining season is the fall so I can use all of these fabulous serving pieces! Friends brought all the chili toppings, so I had the serving pieces out and ready to go for their arrival.

3 Tureens of Chili!  I made little festive fall labels for each one, using the French Foliage Stampin' Up set.  The tureen on the far left is from Crate and Barrel, the middle acorn is William Sonoma, and the pumpkin on the end is borrowed from my friend, Jen, who purchased this guy years ago at Target.
Love fall dishes!  Most of these are Crate and Barrel.  The acorn bowls are William Sonoma and the leaf and acorn plates are Pottery Barn.

Why plates, you ask?  We needed a little something to set Sara's spicy jalapeno bread and Staci's delicious french bread on to acompany our chili bowls.
What does the hostess of a chili tasting wear?  Something casual.  And, bare feet.  When you are the hostess, you can get away with no shoes.  This allows you to show off your cute, pink toenails in addition to comfort.  Ignore my red face here- I was HOT after running around cooking and cleaning all afternoon.

Cardigan: White House Black Market, Fall/Winter 2010
Tee Shirt: Gap Body
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet, Fall 2011
Toe Nail Polish: Zoya from Nov. Birchbox
Headband: unsure
 Finally, here are just a few pictures of the guests!  I didn't take many photos, as I was busy playing hostess.  Overall, the night was delightful.  I had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the company of some of my favorite friends.

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  1. Looks like such fun, and those Fall plates and serveware are so adorable! Oh, and I'd love if you shared your mom's famous 3 bean chili recipe if it's vegetarian :)