Thursday, March 8, 2012

Easier Said Than Done

I've been reading blog posts featuring the Dulcie Dress from Anthropologie's Fall collection this year.  Many commenters have mentioned that this dress is easy to style due to its neutral color scheme. I whole-heartedly disagree!  (I'm sorry if you are one of these commenters!) While the color itself is neutral, the style of the dress makes it a challenge.  The top is a winter weight wool, yet it is sleeveless so for day-to-day wear it definitely requires a cardigan.  I feel like I always style this dress the same way, but in reality, I've never worn it the same way twice!  I do tend to always pair it with black or brown, though, and I've seen a few people wear navy with it.  Since it is a neutral, I would love to wear a bright color but can't find anything that works with the poofy skirt and wool-textured top.

The first time I wore it (check it out HERE) I wore a long sleeve black cardigan, headband, and ballet flats. The next time, (see it HERE) I went with a brown cardigan and the rennsselaer T-straps.  Since it was a bit warmer this week, I went with a short sleeved black cardigan.  Despite the cardigan and shoe differences, I've always worn the same necklace with this dress!  They work well together for me.
Dulcie Dress and Biloba necklace: Anthropologie
Ballet Flats and tights: Banana Republic
Cardigan: The Limited

How would you/do you style the Dulcie dress?

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