Monday, August 29, 2011

It's All But Over Here

If you've been following along, then you are well aware that the DC metro area was under a hurricane warning this past weekend.  Too, you'll recall that I had tickets with 10 other friends to see Uncle Vanya at the Kennedy Center.  All day on Saturday as the wind picked up and the rain bore down, we waited for the Kennedy Center to postpone the show.  They didn't.

We knew the worst of the storm was supposed to hit around the time we would be leaving DC. We weren't sure if we wanted to chance the metro shutting down and ending up trapped in the city during the storm. We decided to take our chances, though, and metro downtown.

I couldn't decide what to wear to the play in the midst of a hurricane.  I decided to break out a new long-sleeved J. Crew dress.  While it was a warm day, I am always cold when I am wet and that makes me crabby. I decided to aim for warm, dryish, and happy. This outfit did the job.

I initially wore these Nine West heels that you know I adore, thinking that the heel height would keep my feet out of the puddles.  After reflecting on it, I decided to change into flats in case I needed to dart quickly- it's hard to run in 4 inch heels!  Yes, I do realize I am wearing tights in the middle of the summer.  Again, I wanted to stay warm in the wind and rain.
These are the flats I ended up wearing:

Dress: Maritime J. Crew, summer 2011
Belt and Necklace: Anthropologie, 2009
Shoes: Banana Republic, fall 2010
This dress was extremely comfortable and generally flattering.  I may considering purchasing it in the light blue style as well when it goes on sale.  Even though this dress is not petite, it was a nice length on me.

The hurricane ended up being much weaker than anticipated.  After the show (which was excellent but slightly depressing) the wind was really whipping so I decided to stay with some friends in Falls Church rather than drive home. When we got up Sunday morning, the sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing.  You never would have guessed the day before was so stormy!  To celebrate our hurricane survival, we made a huge breakfast of french toast, bacon, and eggs.  Of course we ate by lantern light... not because we lost electricity but more for the principle of wanting to use the lanterns we dug out of storage for the storm!

Breakfast was delicious, but most importantly I am glad the storm wasn't too strong and that my family and friends were safe from its destruction!  How did you spend the hurricane weekend?

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  1. I'm glad to hear you survived the huricane! I love the yellow necklace with the black and white stripes!