Thursday, August 18, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hello, Readers!  Happy Thursday!  Do you read Sydney's blog over at The Daybook?  If you don't, you should.  Basically because she is the most adorable person on the planet and will always put a smile on your face.  She has a weekly post on Thursday stating all the awkward and awesomeness from the week.  While I will not join in her weekly post, I figured I would give one a-go here, and maybe participate once a month or so (not that I don't have plenty of awkward things to say, but rather that I don't want to always post them!) 

Let's start, shall we?

~Walking across a smooth, flat surface and completely tripping over nothing.  This happens to me more often than it rightfully should.
~My bedroom has 3 huge windows that stretch nearly from floor to ceiling.  Yes, I realize that is awesome, not awkward.  However, the other day a neighbor had some plumbers over.  I was very intrigued by what was happening as the plumbers had plastic buckets in the front yard overflowing with water.  I couldn't tell where the water was coming from and I kept peering outside trying to solve the mystery.  I was examining the situation as I stepped out of the shower.  After a few minutes of spying, I realized if I could clearly see all the action going on in the yard in front of me, it is pretty likely that the plumbers could clearly see what was going on through my windows and perhaps I shouldn't stand naked in front of the tall windows in the middle of the day.
~My license is about to expire as I have a BIG birthday approaching.  Friday I went to have my new license picture taken.  For the new state license, citizens are not allowed to smile. It is very awkward standing in front of a camera and trying NOT to smile for a picture.
~My hair in the pictures below. I was running late for work and didn't have time to dry it, so in some of the photos it is still wet and in others it dried rather funky and became huge and poofy in summer's humidity.

This is the yucky wet hair I mentioned above

Cardigan and tank: J. Crew Outlet, summer 2011
Skirt: J. Crew, circa 2005
Shoes: Steve Madden, circa 2008
Necklace: Unknown... a gift from my friend, Jill!
~Last weekend my friend Katherine was in town.  We went to dinner, ate ourselves silly, and had a lot of laughs catching up!  I forget how much I miss that girl when I don't often see her.
~Work in the summer.  I know that sounds contradictory, as a BEACH in the summer sounds more ideal, but I love working in the summer when life can be flexible. I've been going into work early and leaving around 3:30 which makes me happy.  I don't have that luxury during other seasons when my job is busier!
~The Help.  If you haven't read the book, read it.  Then, listen to it on audio book (FABULOUS to listen to) and finally, see the movie.  So well done!
~DC Restaurant week.  It only happens twice a year and happens to be THIS week!  Many restaurants in the area offer a 3-course meal for $35.11- an absolute bargain.  This week I have been and will be hitting up a few tasty new restaurants.
~Birchbox.  Sara over at You, Me, and Anthropologie always blogs about her birchbox goodies.  I decided I couldn't live without it any longer, so I signed up for a subscription, too.  Look for a post about my first birchbox once it arrives in September!

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