Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet George

Today is my older sister's birthday!  Happy birthday, Jenny!!!  To celebrate her birthday even though I am miles away, I decided to wear some bright, bold colors. 

Actually, that is a total lie.  I wore these bright, bold colors much earlier in the week and I wrote this blog post earlier too... One of the joys of using Blogger is that I can write posts far in advance and just schedule them to pop up whenever I want!  Do you feel lied to and deceived now that you know you are reading this on Sunday and I really wrote it last week?  You should.  I would, too, if I wasn't the person doing the lying and deceiving.  I still wish my sister a happy birthday, and that's the honest truth.

Cardigan: Bette cardigan in sky blue, Anthropologie 2011 (this just went on sale last week! Sold out online but perhaps you can snag one in stores...)
Skirt: It's Your Move, Anthropologie Summer 2010
Sandals: J. Crew summer 2010
 Anyway, as I mentioned, I wore these bold colors and George.  George is the little man hanging on the beaded necklace. I've had George for at least 20 years, maybe longer.  George is a triplet; he used to have 2 brothers that were earrings.  Unfortunately, I lost them eons ago.  George also had a woman. She was on a matching bracelet but about 6 years ago her skirt began to unravel and her bony frame began to scratch me up so I eventually threw her away (I'm pretty sure she was just jealous).  George is the only man that's stuck with me through the years and I am grateful to him for it.  He is stylish, portable, and quiet.  What more could a girl ask for, really?

Not sure where George came from (I'm pretty certain he was a gift) but I wear him from time to time.  I love how comfortable this skirt is!  Last year I bought it on sale at Anthropologie at the end of the season.  Because it is white, I rarely wear it but I am hoping to get at least 1 more wear out of it before fall sets in.

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  1. Thanks for the Happy Birthday! You are very festive even if it was a week early! I love that skirt!