Monday, August 1, 2011

Dancing Til The World Ends

Sunday evening some friends and I went to the Britney Spears concert.  Yes, you read that correctly.  On Saturday, when I was out for coffee with another friend, she said "SHHH!  Don't say that so loudly."  But now I am posting it on the Internet for all the world to read.  No one can shake it like Brit can- the show was great!  It is still HOT HOT HOT outside, so I wore a thin black dress to stay cool and comfortable.
First we went to dinner at Cava... remember when I wrote about it here?

dress: White House Black Market, Summer 2008
Flip Flops: J. Crew summer 2009
necklace: Premier Designs
Hair Clip: J. Crew Outlet, summer 2011

And this is what I look like dancing at a Britney concert.  I know exactly what you are thinking... AWESOME.  Yeah.  I knew it.

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