Sunday, August 28, 2011

Catching Up at Kellari

Last weekend, for DC Restaurant Week, we had a girls night out dinner that was extra fun; our friend, Jeannette, was visiting from Seattle and was able to join us for dinner!  We went to Kellari Taverna for a delicious Greek meal.  The food was heavenly and the conversation hilarious.  We had an excellent time catching up, overeating, and enjoying some tasty (and perhaps too strong) cocktails.  We began our adventure with a drink at the bar where the restaurant had a HUGE cheese plate (seriously, the thing weighed more than me) and dish of olives to munch on with our beverages.  When we sat down, our friendly waiter brought over some fish for our viewing pleasure.  After dinner, we received a huge cutting board with a sampling of every Greek dessert imaginable.  I would highly recommend Kellari if you've never been!

I told you the cheese plate was huge!  Look at its size compared to Jill and me!

All the girls, before dinner

Dress: Anthropologie, Summer 2009
Purse: Whirly Twirly Clutch, Winter 2010
Shoes: Nine West, Spring 2011
Necklace: Premier Designs, 2010

The girls!  Back row: Jeannette, Courtney, Amy, Jill
Seated: Hyun June, Joanna

Courtney moved the day before our dinner.  She asked her husband to unpack a pair of flats for her to wear, and these are the shoes he gave her

Fresh catch of the day!

Hello dessert plate!
Did you go anywhere for Restaurant Week this summer?

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