Monday, August 15, 2011

The Chosen One

No, the title of the post does not refer to Harry Potter (although, the Chosen One is on TV in the background as I type this) but rather a chosen skirt.   I am really trying hard this year to shop less for a variety of reasons.
1.) I don't make as much money as I spend and this is my get-out-of-debt year (I hope!!!)
2.) I like to travel and therefore need to stop spending so much money on clothes so I can spend it on airfare
3.) I have more clothes than most people on the planet
4.) I don't often get enough wear out of the fabulous wardrobe I already have (and easily grow tired of) so I need to learn how to shop my closet rather than shopping in stores.

Thus far, my self-imposed shopping ban is not going well.  I already wrote here about how I caved and purchased the Jenna Round Toe Pumps (look for a blog post featuring these shoes SOON!)  Time for another confession: Last week with a Banana Republic coupon code I caved again and bought these red Mad Men inspired pumps (I really, really DID need red heels- Emily, I know you are shaking your head right now but it is true).  My downfall is fall clothes.

About a week ago, I popped into the Anthropologie near my parents house with my youngest sister along for the ride. I truly was not planning on purchasing anything, just trying on a few things.  Since my birthday is next month, I planned to pick 1-2 things that I would purchase using my Anthro birthday coupon. Well, I saw the Colorblock Sweater Skirt, which to be honest, never once tempted me online.  Then I saw it in person.  LOVE.  Online, it looked too long and a bit uninteresting. In person, it is the perfect length for a shorty like me, super soft, and uber cute!!  Keep in mind it is a sweater skirt.  Made of wool.  I will not likely wear it before November, possibly even December depending on the weather.  Waiting until September to use my birthday coupon seems like a logical way to purchase said lovely skirt. 

Low and behold, there were only 2 left!  TWO! A wool skirt in August, selling out like hotcakes!!  I couldn't wait.  What if it is completely gone online and in stores by September?!?  To the register I went and now the skirt is mine.
Of course, as soon as I returned back home and visited MY local Anthro, there were TONS of these babies there.  No shortage at all. If they still have a few come September, I may return it and re-buy it with my birthday coupon.  I will definitely go that far to save $15! (Hey, that's $15 I can use towards the Noon and Night Dress which I also tried on and now completely adore!)

Speaking of Anthro's fall collection, the lovely Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie is running two, yes TWO, contests on her blog.  Both contest have an Anthro gift card as the grand prize.  Head on over to her blog to check it out!  Of course, you have to be a follower of her blog to enter, and if you are going to follow Effortless Anthropologie, you should definitely follow MY blog too, for referring you (Click on the link on the right to follow).  Likewise, if you WIN Roxy's contest it would only be fair for you to split your winnings with me so I can get some new treats from Anthro as well :)

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  1. testing, you did not ask a question in this one. That is a cute skirt!