Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drop Your Bags But Leave Them Packed

Last Thursday the girls and I tried Seasons 52, a restaurant that is new to our area.  The restaurant has regular features, but also has a special menu that changes weekly, 52 times a year, hence the name.  The cocktails are delicious and refreshing and everything on the menu (including the mini desserts!) has less than 475 calories.  Of course, that meant we could try many more dishes and not feel TOO guilty about it!

Not sure why I have glassy eyes here, but so it goes!  This is the Octobercation crew... Bahamas, here we come!

This was Hyun June's spicy and yummy stuffed pepper

Yes, those are fresh raspberries on my salad!

Mini desserts!!

My hair got a little wind-blown so I had to hold it back for these shots.

Anthropologie's Magellan Dress, spring 2011
Anthropologie's Whirl and Wind Cardigan, summer 2010
Shoes: Steve Madden, circa 2007
Necklace: 1luckysoul, summer 2011
Does the necklace look familiar?  It should!  I wrote about it here.  Check it out if you need a refresher. :)

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