Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some Days She Wears It, She's Wearing That Boy's Favorite Dress

The other day I had an important meeting at work.  It has always been my theory that one should dress for the job she wants, not the job she has.  That said, I've decided I would make an excellent First Lady.  I'm fairly certain this would be a stellar profession for me because:

1. I am excellent at organizing and executing luncheons
2. I love fancy yet not-too-elegant clothing
3. I am very good at reading books aloud to school children

For this meeting, following my rule, I decided to bust out Anthropologie's Mampos Dress.  I feel like a young first lady could pull this off.  The Mampos was definitely a splurge for me when I bought it this spring, but I love that it can be dressed up or down, it is extremely comfortable, and it is the perfect color for me.  As soon as I saw this dress in the April catalog, I was smitten.  The dress has been receiving a lot of attention in the Anthro community, especially after it was featured on Glee as well as on a few commercials.

It was hard for me to get pictures in this dress, so these aren't the best, but we'll roll with it for now! (Ignore the "lazy eye" thing I seem to have going on here...)


  1. You pretty much nailed the qualifications to be FLOTUS, but you are definitely my choice for social secretary at the White House. You can make the state dinner invites and set the menu!

  2. Sounds like a plan, how do I make that happen! :)

  3. You'd need to get some airplane clothes for Air Force One