Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things for Fall

Have I mentioned that I love fall clothes?
Well, trust me, I do.  I think they are my favorite styles, season-wise.
I've really, really been trying to behave and buy much less this year because:
1. I have more clothes than will fit in my closet
2. I desperately want to get out of debt this year and shopping doesn't help that cause
3. Truly, it becomes gluttonous to own so many items, no?

As fall styles are rolling in, these are some of the things I am currently craving:
J Crew Vintage Tweed Jacket
LOVE this jacket in absolutely every color.  Despise the price point. :(  Perhaps if it goes on sale.  Or if I get a coupon from J Crew for my birthday.
Bowed Lacerta Mary-Janes From Anthropologie
These shoes have been on Anthro's website for less than a week and are already sold out in my size thanks to the fabulous Roxy over at Effortless Anthropologie.  She was able to preview them at an Anthro event and raved about their fabulousness!  I love the color combination and style.  Sigh.  A girl can dream, right?

The Mad Men Collection Lace Dress from Banana Republic
This beautiful lace dress has been selling like hot cakes and is nearly sold out in most sizes online.  Confession time: I already snagged this dress when I saw it in Banana Republic petites a few weeks ago.  I am glad I purchased it after how quickly I saw it selling.  I am really enjoying Banana's Mad Men collection and hope they continue to add to it.  Not sure if I will purchase any more from it, but we shall see!
Mona pump in Pale Peacock by J. Crew
I adore this shoe, so naturally, it is already sold out in this precious peacock color in my size.  Sigh.  I also enjoy the nude color (dusty clay, as it's called) but thought this color was interesting yet not too bold so I could wear it with a lot of things.  Perhaps they will get more in a similar color? Time will tell.
Twisted Ascot Tee from Anthropologie
Cute, very reasonable price point all leads to one conclusion= this top will be mine! I love the fall colors this top comes in and I believe I could pair it with a variety of skirts.
Nyathi Necklace from Anthropologie
So, this necklace looks a little bit like egg noodles but I love it! The muted colors and interesting shape will make for a show-stopping piece (something I always look for in a necklace). Not sure if I will ever end up owning it, but it certainly is pretty.

Do you currently have your eye on any fall clothes or accessories?

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