Thursday, September 1, 2011

Skirt Season

Generally I am a dress girl through and through.  You might have noticed that fact by the sheer amount of dresses I post here on this little blog.  I don't frequently wear pants because I am self conscious in them and being a shorty makes the length tricky for me.  Skirts are okay, but I like the one-stop-outfit you get in a dress.  Much less thinking early in the morning.  Sometimes with skirts I have issues pairing it with a not-to-flowy-but-just-flowy-enough top.  It can be exhausting.  (Not really, but if I can't exaggerate on my own blog, where can I?)

Lately, I am not sure what has come over me but in the past month and a half I have purchased 5 skirts, yes, 5.  Gulp. This is problematic for a number of reasons.  First, it means I haven't been loving many dresses lately. More importantly, it means I am definitely NOT sticking to my shopping ban and I need to get back on track.  I have tons of clothes and I don't need more.  Remind me of that every time I post a new skirt.

Here is one skirt that I recently bought at Anthropologie.  I love the muted colors and feel this is a skirt I can definitely wear year round with a variety of tops, sweaters, and tights in the winter.

Top: Ann Taylor Loft, Summer 2011
Skirt: Pitter Patter Skirt, Anthropologie, Summer 2011
Belt: Looping Lanes, Anthropologie, Summer 2010
Shoes: J. Crew Spring 2010
Just about everything in this outfit is new, so you could easily replicate it, if interested.
Here are the rest of the skirts I bought for the season.  Let's hope I get a lot of wear out of them!
Are you a dress girl or a skirt girl?


  1. I wish I coud be a dress girl but I am a skirt girl. Now I am anything machine washable girl!

    Did you get a new outfit for Saturday?

  2. You ARE a skirt girl! I did not get a new outfit for saturday- I think I am going to wear my pick strapless dress and pink cardigan (you'll remember it from the beach)