Monday, September 26, 2011

Ruffles Galore

Last year when Anthropologie's Rock Slide Skirt went on sale, I spent hours calling around the nation trying to find one on my size.  As you can see, I was victorious. I love this skirt and the blue layered ruffles.  It is hard to pair it with something, though, and I often end up on ruffle overload every time I wear it!

This is the hardest time of year for me clothing-wise because I am so eager to bust out my fall clothes, yet it still isn't quite cool enough to wear many of them.  I am also trying to get one last wear out of some of my summer threads so I am pairing more and more summer dresses and skirts with fall colored cardigans.

This outfit is head to toe Anthro: the skirt, blouse, cardigan, belt, and shoes are from Anthropologie.  Only the necklace is left out, it is from Ann Taylor Loft from the fall 2010 season.

Here are 2 awesome facts about these pictures.  First, I overslept and went to work with my hair dripping wet. I brought my hairbrush with me so I could tame it, however, I forgot to do that once I got busy in my office so my hair is HUGE and unruly in every shot. Second, I got not one, not two, not three, but FOUR runs in these pantyhose today.  How is that even possible?! I didn't do anything unusual- just the normal standing and stilling that goes along with a work day.  If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see it.  But don't look at my legs too hard because that's a little weird.

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