Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life Begins at 30, Right?

I'm having a lot of anxiety about the dirrty 30 birthday that is approaching, and, well, by the time this post runs, it'll be HERE!  In retrospect, the 20s were a pretty good decade for me.  While I didn't accomplish everything I had hoped to, I did have many adventures, travels, and experiences I wouldn't trade in!

In anticipation of a new decade, I thought I would look back through the past 9 birthdays (if I can find pictures of each one!) to recap...  I used to be a mad scrapbooker, so some of these photos are scanned from books and are pretty heavily cropped; you'll get the idea, though.

20th Birthday: 2001

Sad truths about this picture: 1. I still own (and sometimes wear) this shirt 2. The belt, which you can see from another picture in the upper left hand corner is definitely a sparkly gold... I just threw it away last year and 3. I have no idea who the boy in the bottom picture is.  Do you?
21st Birthday: 2002

Okay, I definitely know who all of these people are, I am just not quite sure what we are doing.  Check out the X on my hand... yep, that's what they do at Penn State for your 21st birthday so you can't take any shots

22nd Birthday: 2003
Can't find any pictures from this birthday. This was shortly after I moved to VA, and I didn't know many people, so I am guessing I didn't have much of a party to take pictures of!

23rd Birthday: 2004

This was a fun joint birthday party where all things started with D... Desserts, Doorprizes, Dominoes, you name it. Why do we have blue lips?  Your guess is as good as mine!

24th Birthday: 2005

This was definitely the most embarassing birthday thus far.  Too many cocktails is definitely bad news.
25th Birthday:2006
Sadly, I can't find pictures from this birthday, either.  I know my sister came down, and the party was at Jen Heywood's house.  I got a HUGE red card... all my friends chipped in and paid for a trip to Stonehenge, as I was going to London a few weeks later.  Since I can't find the picture of the party, I'll toss in a London picture for good measure (they were only 2 weeks apart!)

26th Birthday: 2007
For the life of me, I cannot find a picture from this birthday.  I know I wore a short sleeve back sweater and black and white pants.  I know we had dinner at Magiano's and Amy Egoville had to drive me because my car broke down. The pictures seem to be MIA...

27th Birthday: 2008
Extremely wild hair... joint birthday party at the Melting Pot with Courtney
28th Birthday: 2009

Yep- we had a bridesmaid Bash for this party... 'nuff said

29th Birthday: 2010
Skirt: Anthropologie, summer 2010
Belt: Anthropologie, winter 2009
Cardigan: J. crew, circa 2009
Top: unknown
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft, Fall 2010
For extra measure, here are birthday socks I got a few years ago from my friend, Raechel.  I try to wear them at some point during my birthday week, if not on the actual day:

All leading up to the main event... stay tuned to see the 2011 Birthday Outfit!


  1. Yes! 30s are so much better then 20s. You will have tons more adventures! I came to your party in 2004 too:)

  2. What's on tehe unidentified boy at your 20th birthday party's shirt?

  3. Well, my guess would be beer, but I don't want to promise that...