Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Did I Escape? With Difficulty. How Did I Plan This Moment? With Pleasure

As excited as I am for fall clothes, I am still not quite ready to shake my summer threads, as I know I will be buried in fall/winter clothes for the next 6 months or so.  I am hoping to spend at least the next week or 2 in sundresses before I turn my closet over, so get ready for a bit more summer fashion (if the weather cooperates).

After all the rain we had last week, I was happy to have a sunny weekend! I went out for dinner and drinks with my friend, Jill and cousin, Emily.  The bar had a piano player and we quickly turned our quiet night into karaoke.  I am sure the other bar/restaurant patrons loved us.

For the evening, I wore Anna Sui's Marine Mural Dress from last summer at Anthropologie.  This was my deal-of-the-summer last year as the dress was originally $228 and I believe I paid $100 for it, including shipping (or maybe I ordered it when there was free shipping... it's hard to recall!)  It is light and easy to wear which makes it extremely comfortable and a go-to piece!  Did I mention it is machine washable?  That is an added bonus. I paired it with a bright cardigan from J. Crew (circa 2009) and Anthropologie's sugar snap skimmers from this summer (also snagged on sale).


  1. I love your ocean dress! And your cute shoes :)

  2. I saw your outfit on Anthroholic's reader's outfits and I loved it. Came to your blog and enjoyed it even more! Awed by your jewelry collection and organization!

  3. Thanks Anon! :) I love jewelry a little too much...