Monday, September 12, 2011

Organization Part 2: Accessories

On Friday, I wrote a post about clothing organization. This is the thrilling and award-winning sequel, Accessories Organization.  Get ready.

As I mentioned previously, I have too many accessories.  Shortly after I moved into this house, I was giving my friend Laura the tour and when she stepped into my bedroom she said "It looks like you sell jewelry here."  It kind of does- I have accessories stored and displayed all over the place!

Let's start with the jewelry and then we will move on to belts, scarves, and shoes.  (I actually don't own may shoes as most shoes are not made in my size.)

Last December I purchased this jewelry bust to store some of my chunkier necklaces that are too bulky to fit in my jewelry armoire.

If you love it, you can purchase your own from Pottery Barn!  View it here
A few years ago, I was looking for a way to store bigger necklaces and I came across a picture from an Anthropologie catalog that featured necklace-frames. I made some of my own following these simple steps.  First, I purchased large picture frames from target.  Then, I removed the glass and covered the backing with neutral colored fabric (glued the fabric to the backing, using super glue).  Next, I purchased beautiful knobs from Anthropologie that color-coordinated with my bedding.  I used a hammer and thick nails to make holes in the fabric and picture frame backing, then I screwed the knobs through.  Voila!  I had new wall art that was also useful in displaying my necklaces.  Here's what they look like:

View Anthropologie's knob selection here.
For years, my friend, Raechel, had a jewlery armoire that I adored.  It is a full length mirror that opens up and has storage space inside. It is very functional, as it serves as a mirror in addition to an armoire.  I searched for one like it for ages and finally asked her where she purchased hers.  It came from QVC and is extremely affordable!  I've had it for 3 years now and I truly love it. I would highly recommend getting one if you are looking for away to store jewelry.  View it on QVC here.
 Inside there are hooks for necklaces, spaces for earrings and rings, and a bar to hang bracelets on.  I can store a ton of jewelry in here!  I will post some pictures of the inside below.

That's where most of the jewelry is stored.  I have a few jewelry boxes on my dresser that hold a few other items but nearly everything is contained here.

I keep headbands in the top of my dresser, as pictured below. I used to have a lot more, but for some reason when I moved in June I threw many of them away.  Not sure why, because I am currently going through a headband phase and I wish I had them back!

Now let's move on to belts and scarves.  I have a belt hook from Target and a scarf hanger from IKEA which I hang on the outside of my closet door using over-the-door hooks from target.  It looks a bit scary and overwhelming in the picture but I promise it isn't in person!  I do have quite a few of each.
Last but not least, the shoes.  As I've mentioned, I don't own as many shoes. On the back of my bedroom door, I have this shoe organizer from target. It has spots for 12 pairs of shoes, but I fit more than that in there by squeezing 2 shoes into 1 pocket when possible.  This organizer holds the shoes I wear most often so I can grab them and go on my way out the door.  Shoes that come with their own shoe-bag are hung from the hooks and dangle down the side.

The rest of my shoes are stored in crates in the bottom of my closet.  Right by these empty hangers-in-waiting (these are like ladies-in-waiting except they are waiting for new clothes to be purchased or clothes to come out of the dryer to be put to use).
That, my friends, is how I organize my accessories. Whew!  Do you have any tips or alternatives for me?

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