Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lazy Sunday

When I was in college we had a weekly holiday known as Lazy Sunday.  The goal of lazy Sunday was simple: be as lazy as you can. Sometimes this involved laying in bed until 4 pm and then ordering chinese food for delivery so as to never leave your dorm room or have to put on clothes (not that we were naked, just in jammies or last night's party clothes).  Lazy Sunday usually involved watching a lot of movies on TV and it generally occured after an extremely late night of partying when I would stay over with some friends.  I would carry out lazy Sunday until the evening when I would sneak home to change and head to church before beginning the school week. 

I've been suffering from a nasty cold this week and I definitely needed a lazy Sunday today!  I rarely wear jeans but decided to change out of jammies and be cozy while I am pounding cold pills and laying around.  This Anthro sweatshirt is one of my favorite articles of clothing.  I paid way too much for it, but have definitely gotten my monies worth as I wear it year round and fairly frequently.  I love its length and the details in the stitching.  It's been in the low 60s all weekend, so warm clothes were definitely in order. 

Another fabulous feature of this top is the pockets.  A few weeks ago I was flipping throuigh TV channels and caught the end of the show Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids.  The bridal party was trying to decide between 2 dresses and one of the factors in consideration was pockets: 1 dress had pockets and the other did not.  The male consultant working with them, Brandon, said in an annoyed tone, "You don't pick a dressed based on pockets."  Umm... yes you do. At least, I do.  Pockets definitely make or break a dress for me. While I am not wearing a dress here, I still enjoy the pockets!

Ignore my red nose and blotchy skin below.

Top: Anthropologie
Jeans: Banana Republic Petite
Flip Flops: J Crew
What did you wear on this lazy Sunday?

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  1. lazy for me, too. i am sick as well! i am wearing a race tee and yoga pants