Friday, September 9, 2011

Organization Part 1: Clothes

I have more clothes than most people, mainly due to my shopping addiction.  However, I know that many of you have just as many if not MORE clothes than me, and many of you probably also have more closet space.  Too, I have more accessories than most people on the planet, and I truly mean that.  I know a lot of people, and I don't know anyone that has as many as I do.  People frequently ask me how I organize and track all of my fashion, so I decided to do a series of posts to share the method of my madness.  Also, we're experiencing extreme flash flooding in the greater DC area, so I don't have to go to work today.  This morning I did a few loads of laundry and everything in my wardrobe is clean and put away so I figured now that everything is organized it's the best time to blog about organization!  This first post will focus on the clothing, stay tuned for another on accessories.

Last spring, Kendi of the infamous blog Kendi Everyday generated a series of posts about creating a working closet.  She has many helpful tips, so you should check it out if you haven't already read it! I do not have a walk in closet, so my organization is a bit different from Kendi's.

Let's start with the furniture, shall we?

This is my dresser.  It is very wide, which makes it bulky and difficult to move. I labeled each drawer so you can know what is inside.
Yes, I have a lot of sweaters.  Too, sweaters can be bulky so they take up a lot of space!
  A few years ago, I purchased this chest to have more storage room.  I've stored a variety of things in here over the past 4 years but now I think I've settled on the best way to use this piece of furniture. 

These white cubes are fabric and were purchased from Ikea last spring- they are sold 3 in a set
Next comes the actual closet itself.  My closet is long, but still not quite long enough.  Starting on the far right, I have summer dresses, followed by skirts and then pants. After that, I begin with tops which are sorted by color.  To the far left (you can't see it because of the door) are fall and winter pants, skirts, and dresses.  As soon as the seasons change, I will flip-flop the spring and summer clothes for the fall and winter clothes.  I also have 2 wardrobe boxes in the basement that have more winter items which will move up here in a few weeks while some of the more summery items will be exhiled to the basement until June!

Now you may be wondering where I keep everything else.  Don't worry, I will show you!  I have 3 of these bins under my bed.  They are completely hidden underneath, I just pulled this one out a little bit to show you.  I store socks and tights in 2 of them.  The third, larger one, holds more workout clothes as well as odds and ends clothing items that are rarely worn such as ski pants.

I also have a number of hoodies and sweatshirts.  These hang on my bathroom door, on the inside of my bedroom on over-the-door hooks which I purchased at Target.

Finally, on the outside of my bedroom door, I have this hook (also from target) where I hang newly purchased items that are not quite ready to go into the closet yet. Why? I don't actually know.  Sometimes I get itchy to buy something new, and then when I look at my door, it is a reminder of all the new things I own that haven't been worn yet and that scratches the itch.  Also, sometimes when I buy things and put them in the closet too quickly I forget about them and then months or years later I find them in the closet with the tags still on. So for now, they hang on the back of my door, for my lovely roommate to admire every time she comes out of her room, until they are worn.
And, that's it!  What do you think?  How does my organizational system compare to yours?

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  1. I have a very organized system, all color coded and sorted by item type. I have a lot more closet space though. Keeping new items out is something I do as well. I like to admire my new purchases and think of things I can match them with to make new outfits.