Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Complicated

A friend of mine recently graduated with her MBA and her husband threw a graduation party for her at their home.  The day of the party, I double checked the Evite to check the time and I noticed the dress code was listed as "cocktail casual." Umm... what?  In my head, cocktail= fancy and casual= well, casual (jeans and a nice top or maybe a cotton sundress?).  I called a few friends to ask for their opinion and many of them were unsure of how to dress for the occasion. I was a bit stumped as I dug through my closet. The party began at 6 and was going to be outside so I decided to wear the mompos dress with pearls as it can be a little bit fancy but also a little bit every day- certainly appropriate for an outdoor garden party.

I didn't realize when I snapped these photos that the sun was in my eyes on my deck.  I didn't feel like I was squinting, but when I downloaded these images, I see that I am squinting into the sun in everyone!  Ugh.  Please ignored my pained facial expression while you view the ensemble.

Dress: Anthropologie's Mompos Dress, Spring/Summer 2011
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: pearls from somewhere!
Hair clip: J. Crew outlet, summer 2011
 What's your take on "cocktail Casual" attire?


  1. Your last picture is totally reminiscent of Maria Von Trapp, getting off the bus from the abbey with her guitar case and the far-off gaze. Climb every mountain!

  2. That's EXACTLY the look I was going for! (Not really, but your comment made me giggle)