Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fun with Photobooth

Happy Tuesday, Readers!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my sister, Molly, in yesterday's post.  Today you'll get to meet another sister- Enjoy!


Glad to meet you.  Amy has a guest blogger today:  I am her littlest sister, Erin!  I will be posting about my outfit-of-the-day while Amy is off vacationing in the sunny Caribbean.  A bit about me – I am a senior at Penn State who works part-time at the J.Crew outlet (not at school, at home).  The J.Crew outlet is the special feature of my post today!  I make occasional appearances on this blog in pictures or in the descriptions, but today I get the whole post all to me.  Hooray!

While Amy posts high quality glamour shots of her outfits, I am not so well situated in my teensy apartment.  Please forgive my subpar setup in my kitchen… it has the best lighting in the place.  I needed bright lighting because as you will see, I took my pictures with Photobooth.  Neither my roommate nor I could rustle up a camera, so my computer it was!

This outfit has become a favorite of mine since I bought the tunic over Labor Day.  I haven’t been much of a long-shirt-plus-leggings person, but I’m a fan of the simple button-down tunic with window-pane teal plaid.  Add in basic black leggings, a silver belt, and flat silver shoes, and I feel put-together but not overdone!

And there are my favorite silver flats!  Couldn’t fit everything into one shot on my poor laptop camera, so I made do.

In State College, I won’t be able to wear this outfit for too much longer – it’s already turning colder.  Fall is officially here!

Tunic:  J.Crew Outlet Fall 2011
Leggings:  Access Fall 2011
Belt:  J.Crew Outlet Summer 2011
Shoes:  Gap Outlet Fall 2011

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  1. Love the outfit and the guest blogger! Those shoes are so cute!