Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things I Want... and Might Need!

Fall is in full force and October is bringing a new slew of things my heart desires.  I am hoping to not do any spending this month, as I went a bit overboard in September and have a vacation coming up.

I completely swooned when I saw the Dulcie Dress online from Anthropologie.  I love it in both colors, but I think the neutral color will work the best for me.  I might have to cave and break my shopping ban if this dress comes to a store near me (and if it fits!).

Another dress I've had my eye on from Anthro is the Pendleton Down East Dress.  I know this dress has been getting some flack for its itch-factor, and I agree that it should be lined.  I still think it is super cute though.  The price point is insane, I may consider it at sale time.

I'm sure the Stilt-Striders Skirt will be too long for my short self, but I love these flamingos.  I think this skirt could easily be a year-round piece when paired with the right top.

I adore this Banana Republic skirt.  It is everywhere Banana right now- on their ads, on their main webpage, in the emails they send out- everywhere.  The odd thing is, you can't purchase this skirt.  I was hoping it came in petite.  When I checked out the petite page and it wasn't there, I went to the women's page to search for it- STILL no luck.  When I clicked on this image to "shop this look" everything comes up- the sweater, necklace, boots, you name it, but NOT the skirt.  Very frustrating. Hopefully it will surface in the next few days, possibly even by the time you are reading this!

This is a short list for now (that's probably a GOOD thing!) but I am sure it will grow as the month plugs along and more fall styles are revealed or reviewed.

What are you craving this month?

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