Wednesday, October 5, 2011

16 Going On 17

As you are well aware, September is birthday month.  Not just mine, but 90% of the people on the planet (that is an actual fake statistic).  Last Thursday was my cousin Emily's birthday.  Nope, she's not 16 going on 17, but she looks like it so that is the title of my post, and she is a wee young one, so she can be trapped at 17 forever.

To celebrate her day, we went to Michel by Michel Richard.  Everything was delicious (especially the pineapple-flavored mojito and chocolate lava cake... YUM) and we had a lot of laughs to go along with our tasty meal.

Am I wearing feathers on my head?  Yes.

Is my hair still wet in these early morning photos?  Yes.

Am I standing like a flamingo for reasons I can't explain or understand?  Yes.
Shirt: Banana Republic, circa 2008
Skirt: Banana Republic Petite, Summer 2011
Boots: Nine West
Necklace: J. Crew, Spring 2009
Headband: Lou Lou Boutiques, Fall 2011

Ask me anything.  I am sure the answer will be yes.
Hooray for the month of October!  I have very few October birthdays on my radar.  Not that I don't love to celebrate, however, my wallet needs a break!

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