Monday, October 17, 2011

Real Athletes Run, Others Just Play Games

While I am off basking in the Caribbean sunshine, I have some guest posters.  My darling sister Molly, from Running in Wisconsin, is posting today.  After reading her post here, hop on over to her blog!

Hello readers of Lost in the Details!  This is Amy's little sister, but not littlest sister, Molly, from Running In Wisconsin.  Amy is lucky enough to go away on vacay this week and asked me to guest post!  She said "It's super easy! Just wear something cute and chic and write about it."  Cute and chic?  Cute and CHEAP is my outlook.  When you are a runner, most of your extra cash goes to quality running clothes.

I came across this LOFT skirt a few weekends ago when I made a trek across the farmlands to a mall.  I am on a NO SHOPPING rule right now, but I saw this and thought it would be a SIN to not buy it.  It was $3.50.  Yes, you read that right.  $3.50.  This skirt is originally $69.50 from LOFT this fall.  My top is also from LOFT, but last year.  I think they sold it again this year.

I am a band director and you got a first class look of what I look like after a long day of conducting on the podium!  I load my arms down with bracelets but take them off when I conduct.  One set is from LOFT and the other set is from Nordstroms and from Amy when she was on another fabulous vacation.  The pearl necklace is from my oldest sister's wedding. 

Anyway, I wore super high heels today because some days, I like to be taller than my students.  I tend to wear pants and flats but got really dressed up for you readers.  I mean, if you were constantly fixing instruments and getting oil and grease on your clothes, would you wear your fanciest to work?
Don't you just love my mint green couch?  I do too, that's why I collapsed on it as soon as I got home!

Now, a fashion blog wouldn't be complete without some runners bling!  Check out my medals from my races!  From left to right-Pittsburgh Marathon Relay 2009, Columbus Half Marathon 2009, Pittsburgh Half Marathon 2010 and Wisconsin Half Marathon 2011.  Next weekend, Columbus Half Marathon will join the ranks. When you are looking for some running or motivation, hop on over to my blog and check out my latest running adventures!

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