Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Had a Picture Of You In My Mind. Never Knew It Could Be So Wrong.

I decided it was high time I get more wear out of this vintage skirt I purchased in the summer. Remember when I wrote about it HERE?  I've only worn it once, and I love it because it is so unique.  I wore this on Monday; I usually have fairly easy Monday mornings at work (a few meetings here and there, and time to catch up on work emails from the weekend) followed by a presentation in the afternoon.  Because of my Monday schedule, I tend to wear big shoes since I sit all morning and can then look taller while presenting without ending the day with achy feet!

This time around, I needed more of a fall look (previously it was all summer with a white polo and sandals) so I paired the skirt with a sheer pink blouse, black cardigan, black tights, and thick, tall gray heels.  What do you think?  Is this a skirt I can manage to wear year-round?

Clearly, I cannot resist the urge to hold this skirt out for photos.

Skirt: Vintage, Craftycorwvitage, Etsy
Blouse and Tank: The Limited circa 2005
Cardigan: The Limited circa 2006
Shoes: Banana Republic, 2010
Tights: unknown (all my black tights are hodge-podge)
 I wore this shirt years ago on The Rock Boat when I met a musician I love, Justin Moore, lead singer of the band Ingram Hill.  Swoon.  Sigh. Every time I wear this shirt, I think of Justin Moore who is sadly (for me) married, and I listen to boybands, specifically Ingram Hill if I am in the mood for some southern pop.  Don't believe me?  here is a picture to prove it.  I love boys with curly hair and nerd glasses.

PS When I went to look up The Rock Boat to link to it, I noticed Ingram Hill is coming BACK this year.  I went on the Rock Boat 4 years straight and it was a blast but I sort of outgrew it. Perhaps I should consider going back?  Swoon again.

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