Friday, October 28, 2011

Kissing Friday

Last year at this time, there is nothing I wanted more than Bailey 44's Kissing Friday dress from Anthropologie. However, I was trying to be a good girl and not buy things I don't need, and I definitely didn't need another dark, sleeveless, knee-length dress.  So, in the winter when it went on sale for a mere $60, I was determined to have it.  unfortunately, so were many other women in America.  I called customer service and found a few stores that had the dress in stock in purple in my size- in theory.  The first one I called only had it left in brown. To be safe, I completed a charge-send to get the brown. Next, I called a store in NYC, and they only had it left in blue.  Decided to order that too, in case the purple was a lost cause.  A few hours and few phone calls later and the purple dress was mine, on it's way from sunny California.  All 3 dresses arrived within a few days of each other and I loved them all.  So I took them all home with me over Christmas to decide which to keep.  Each color was unique and I could see wearing each one!  While I really liked all the shades, I decided to go with purple since that was the color I was initially infatuated with.  My youngest sister had a crush on Kissing Friday, too, so I gave her the blue one as an early birthday present, and she wore it out on her 21st birthday last spring!

Dress: Kissing Friday, Anthropologie Fall 2010
Cardigan: Whirl and Wind, Anthropologie Fall 2010
Necklace: Anthropologie Winter/Spring 2011
Boots: Nine West
Here's Erin in the blue version from last March!

What's a must-have Anthro purchase for you?

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