Tuesday, October 4, 2011

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Here's a not-so-secret-secret. Whenever I have my hair up in a ponytail (as I have for the past few blog posts) it means 1 of 2 things:
1. I overslept and had to go to work with my hair wet-in-a-ponytail-fresh-out-of-the-shower
2. I was too lazy to wash my hair and had to wear it up to keep it off my face

There, the secret's out.  Basically, expect to see my hair in a ponytail until March because it is SO hard for me to get out of bed when it is all dark and dreary outside.  I need the sunshine to wake me up in the morning!  I generally leave for work before the sun is fully up, so therein lies the problem.  Now you know why there is a daily ponytail all fall/winter as I dash out of the shower and into my car to head to work.

I bought this skirt in 2003 and the top in 2005. Definitely an old outfit.  Remember here when I wrote about recently purchasing too many tights? Yeah.  Since then, I bought 3 more pair, this being one of them (I needed sheer gray tights! Honestly!!).  This is IT!  Repeat after me: NO. MORE. TIGHTS. Whew.  Let's stick to it this time.

I'm not sure why I look mad in this picture.  Maybe because my hair is so frizzy?  Who knows.
Shirt: Banana Republic Petite
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Tights: Target, Fall 2011
Shoes: Banana Republic, Fall 2010


  1. Oh, I need sheer gray tights...what brand at Target?

  2. goooood question! I'm actually not sure and I threw away the label BUT I just bought them last week and they were the only sheer gray tights I saw on the rack, so if you go to a nearby target, you might be able to snag them! Sorry I didn't notice the brand.