Sunday, October 23, 2011


It is time, once again, for an Octobercation. Octobercation is just that- vacation in October.  Simple enough. This year, the girls and I headed to the Bahamas for a long weekend stay in Atlantis.  The trip was very relaxing; I caught up on quite a bit of reading, got to view a few sharks, and had a lot of laughs with some of my favorite girls. The saddest parts of the trip were: 1. the trip was too short!  We got in late in the afternoon on Saturday and left around lunchtime on Tuesday. 2. The weather was not stellar.  We didn't have any clear, sunny days, although one afternoon we had a little beach time before the rain rolled back in. We did eat at Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa, where I had the most fabulous goat cheese fondue.

With Atlantis behind us... check out the dark storm clouds looming in the background!

Dress: Banana Republic Petite, circa 2006
Shoes: J. Crew, 2010
Bobby Flay's Goat Cheese Fondue (after we ate half of it!!)
Strike a pose! (quick, before the sun goes back behind a cloud!)
Bathing Suit: J. Crew, circa 2006

New friends... and a few cocktails
Already beginning to think about next year's Octobercation... Suggestions for where we should go?

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  1. You should go to Charles Town WV and really do it up right. Makes that Atlanta place you went to look totally boring.