Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Around the World and Back Again

Make a pot of coffee and get comfortable, friends, it's time for a story.

As many of you readers know, I have a bit of a shark obsession.  Not just because they are amazing and mystical and fierce predators but also because they have survived the test of time and have learned to adapt over millions of years- something we humans can take note of. Too, they are being needless hunted and killed, simply because they are misunderstood by people. It's true. You are far more likely to be killed by a vending machine than by a shark.  (True story: on average, worldwide, 13 people are killed a year by vending machines where as generally 4 or 5 are killed by sharks). You're not afraid to buy a soda, are you? Then, too, you shouldn't be afraid to encounter a shark!

Last week, the National Geographic Headquarters sponsored an illustrated talk by Juliet Eilperin focused on her shark research that inspired her book Demon Fish.  You can check out the event HERE.  My friend Jen bought us tickets because she knew it would be right up my alley.  If you've never been to the National Geographic headquarters (not the museum, although they are side by side) and you live close to the DC area, I would highly recommend.  The building is gorgeous with a starry ceiling and currently there is an amazing photography exhibit (free!) in the lobby called "Ocean Soul" by Brian Skerry.  (I kind of want to marry him, but that's a whole different story for another day.)

So, we're at this talk with, let's face it, a bunch of nerdy scientists and environmentalists (I am not excluding myself from this group, however, I am not a scientist by profession) and I decide I both need the book and Juliet to sign it.  After the talk there is a wine and cheese reception (with some of the best brie I've ever had, mind you, the National Geographic Headquarters knows how to throw a classy reception) where you can mix and mingle.  I purchase the book and wait in the queue to have it signed.  Everyone is chatting up Juliet asking extremely detailed questions about her research and writing. I realize, then, that I have nothing intelligent to say.  Gulp.  The line inches forward.  I decide I'll just stick with small talk- it's been a long night and she probably wants to go home so I imagine she will appreciate my "get in and get out" approach to meeting her.  I'm thinking of what I am going to say, and chatting with my friend, Jen, when the man in line behind me taps me on the shoulder and says, "I'm sorry to interrupt but I love your dress.  I've been noticing it all night, and I just have to tell you."  Thanks.  Turn back to my friend.  Man is still standing inches behind me as line isn't moving.  Slightly awkward silence.  And, I was wearing a skirt not a dress, but I know men aren't good about these things.

Finally, the conversation in front of me is wrapping up and it is my turn to have my book signed.  I am all ready to open my mouth with a polite but witty comment when Juliet says "Hi!  What's your connect to the ocean?"  Um, what's my connection to the ocean?  That was unexpected.  My mind is blank. I respond with, "Uh, um... we'll I guess I don't really have a connection to the ocean, except, well, uh, I like it and I really, really love sharks.  A lot."  GAH!  Idiot.  So, here is what she writes in my book: To Amy who loves sharks, showing that you've got good taste.  True story, I both love sharks and have good taste, so I'll take it.  Here's the outfit of the night.

Skirt: Map of the World by Anna Sui for Anthropologie Fall 2011 (still available AND on sale now!)
Shirt: Wind Rippled Tee, Anthropologie Fall 2009
Cardigan: Jackie, J. Crew Outlet, Fall 2011
Shoes: Satin Swoop Heels, Anthropologie, Fall 2011
Stockings: Fishnet, J. Crew, Fall 2011
Yep, yep!  Remember here when I wrote about how I must have the Map of the World skirt AND the satin swoop heels? Well, they went on sale the same week and I was able to snag them BOTH.  That was one happy week.  I decided to wear them together as they work well and, really, what skirt is more appropriate for the National Geographic Headquarters than the Map of the World?

Here's a copy of my book (sorry about the glare from the flash) and Juliet's message inside.


  1. Oh what a night! When are you going to bake me some brie?

  2. SOON! I was just talking about that brie dish...