Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life's Full of Disappointment

Good morning readers!

I am still pouty from disappointment... yesterday the space shuttle flew by, directly overhead of where I work.  And, I missed it.  I was stuck inside my little office in a meeting and missed all the hoopla until it was all said and done.  While not a big deal, I am sad because I wanted to see it and lost my chance! It's not everyday a space shuttle flies by to view with the naked eye.  Did you see it?

On a non-disappointing note, I happened to be in an Anthropologie 2 weeks ago on a Tuesday... not even consciously thinking that it was a sale day! I was able to snag this Mountain Time A-Line skirt on sale.  I love this guy. He's full but not too full and the natural and navy song combo make this skirt perfect to wear year round.  I paired it with the Whirl and Wind cardi to give it a pop of color.

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  1. That skirt is so cute and looks great on you! I missed the super moon last week, because of a cloudy night sky and am still bummed about it.