Monday, July 4, 2011

A Day, A Week, A Month, A Year

Well, for some time now I've been considering jumping on the blogging bandwagon.  I have a lot of thoughts that most people don't want to hear, so I may as well type them and post them on the Internet.  When reading helpful tidbits on other blogs, such as Blogging for Morons* and The Idiots Guide to Blogging*, I found tons of advice.  I am sure I will apply very little of it to this blog. For instance, the first "rule" of blogging is to stick to ONE idea.  No one wants to read a variety of random thoughts.  A blog needs to stay on topic.  I couldn't decide what kind of blog I wanted... what do I want to write about?  I thought about creating a papercrafting blog to showcase some of my Stampin' Up! designs.  I also thought about a fashion blog, to write about some of the original Anthropologie outfits I create.  Too, I had various other bloggy ideas.  So, I decided to break that first rule of blogging. I want blog about everything (don't worry, I won't!), but I will blog about the latest trends, both in stamping and my fashion world.  We'll see how long this blog lasts... hopefully more than a day.  And, by not sticking to one topic, hopefully it won't be a complete failure.  Let's begin!

*Not actual blogs :)

Last week was one of my dear friend's birthdays.  To celebrate, we went out for dinner and drinks.  Or, perhaps I should say drinks, dinner, and more drinks.  It was a hot summer day, and we spent much of it outside.  Those of you that know me, know I would love to be invited to any sort of British wedding in order to wear a fancy headpiece.  For the birthday bash, I decided to bust out a feather headband to go with my summer dress.  It was a definite show stopper.

Dress: Around the Maypole (Anthropologie)
Necklace: Macy's circa 2009

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