Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Good Morning! I just returned from a 10 day vacation with my family and I am very unhappy to be back to reality.  I start back to work tomorrow and I am dreading it after having 2 weeks off! 

To begin our vacation, we spent 2 days in Colonial Williamsburg, touring the historic site, shopping, and having a lot of laughs.

Here, my sisters and I regroup in the Governor's Palace Gardens.  I was so glad I decided to wear this dress last-minute... it is casual and fairly thin cotton which made it ideal for spending 10 hours walking around in the heat!  Also, it was a bargain at the Banana outlet- I spent a mere $19.99 on this dress, so I wasn't worried about getting it dirty, sweaty, etc.

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet, summer 2011
Hair Clip: J. Crew outlet, summer 2011
Flip Flops: J. Crew, summer 2009
Necklace: Lou Lou Boutiques, summer 2010
Purse: Coach, summer 2009

What did I do?   Waiting to be tarred and feathered
 After our Colonial visit, we headed to the beach where my sister, brother-in-law, and niece joined us for a week of relaxing in the sun!  I'll write more about the vacation throughout the week, but here are a few photos until then...
Details on this dress and jewelry to come later this week...

Dress: Anthropologie, summer 2010
Cardigan: J. Crew, summer 2009
Necklace: Premier Designs
Ring: purchased at a jewelry store in Los Cabos
Notice how our tans deepen as the vacation goes on...


  1. Looks like you all had fun! Oh and I have the exact same outfit that Molly has on (the teal striped one with the white skirt)!

  2. HA! That's awesome! You and Molly have great taste! :)