Friday, February 3, 2012

Bad Girls and Consequences

The title of this post was inspired by a late 90s TV episode I was watching the other night with some friends.  The moral of the story is that bad girls will have consequences.  Be mindful of that. :)

This dress is one that is rarely worn; it is very wintery in the sense that it is thick and lined, yet the colors make it more spring-like.  I find that I generally only wear it on warm March days and some cooler April days.  Since it's been spring-like in winter this week, it was the perfect time to wear it!  It definitely doesn't fit as well as it used to since I put on a few pounds, but hopefully before spring is in full bloom I can lose some of the extra weight and be ready to wear this dress again!

Dress: Banana Republic Petite
Boots: Nine West

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