Monday, February 20, 2012

I Was Giving You Everything I Had to Give, Wasn't It Enough?

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a blog that was hating on fashion blogs and fashion bloggers.  Once I started reading it, it was like a train wreck- I couldn't look away, or in this case stop reading.  While the posts and comments were increasingly nasty and hateful, I couldn't help but wonder why these people keep reading fashion blogs if they hate them so much?  One of the things I like about blogging is that there are so many blogs about everything!  Some I love to read daily, some I could take or leave, and some I check in on every so often just to have a good laugh. If fashion blogs are so awful, then why read them? 

While what I was reading made me sad, it also made me think about why I started blogging. I started this blog in the summer to attempt to become more creative with how I dress.  I tend to wear THIS shirt with THAT skirt and don't frequently mix and match things.  I knew that if I was posting outfits, I would think twice about always wearing the same standby things while ignoring half of my closet.  I knew I would get more wear out of items that are often left in the dust.  Too, I always enjoy taking pictures of events and nights out with friends (I usually post them on facebook) and this is a great way to log what happens to go along with the photos.

It doesn't bother me if no one reads what I write- I truly blog for myself, to mix up my day-to-day ensembles and to remember things that are happening.  I guess if that makes people mad, so be it, and they don't have to read my blog if it upsets them so!

Here's a great example of mixing up an outfit in my OOTD.  I rarely wear this sweater. The last time I wore it was in December (and that's the only time I wore it in 2011!) and I paired it with this same skirt.  To change it up a bit, I paired it with red tights and added a scarf as an accent- something I probably wouldn't have thought to do, except I knew I would post a picture and wanted something different.

Sweater: Talbots
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: J. Crew
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft

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