Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black and White

Over the weekend, I realized everything I wore last week was black and white, with an occasional pop of red or maroon.  This outfit is no exception!  One of my friends pinned an outfit on pinterest that featured the Finessed Sweaterdress from Anthropologie.  I realized then that I haven't worn mine since Novemberish so it was definitely time to wear it again before I pack sweaterdresses away for spring time.  I also wore my Rosy Posy Designs headband- this didn't last too long, as it is a bit pinchy and often gives me a headache.  Finally, I wore stockings with black polka dots from J Crew.  It is hard to see the dots, but trust me, they are there!  Is there any winter item you are trying to squeeze in for one more wear before spring settles in?

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