Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Recap

Christmas 2011 was another joyous family event.  I headed to PA on Friday, the 23rd and the adventure began then!  My sister and her boyfriend drove in from Wisconsin and arrived that same afternoon.  My youngest sister has been home from college for a week, and my older sister, brother-in-law, and niece came over for dinner and some laughs.

On Christmas eve, we had a hearty brunch, opened gifts, and then headed to my aunt's house for some family fun and lots of gift-giving!  We left there in the early evening, went to mass, and finally settled in for the night.

Christmas morning, we woke up early, opened gifts from santa, had another brunch and then settled in for a lazy afternoon of movie watching and examining our new treasures.  For dinner, my sister came over with her in laws and we ate our Christmas roast until we were completely stuffed.  Here are some pictures from the holiday weekend...
My mom and sisters decorating sugar cookies

Cutie for Christmas!!!

Matching red Jackie cardigans from J. Crew

This is my favorite Christmas picture- love how my neice is staring at my dad <3

My family

My stylish sisters

Christmas outfit 2011
Dress: Aubergine Sky Dress, Anthropologie 2011
Cardigan: J. Crew 2011
Hairband: Charming Charlies, fall 2011
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft

How did you spend the holiday weekend?

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