Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Year In Review

As 2011 rolls to a close, I was thinking about some of the best purchases (and some of the worst!) I made this year.  Too, I was inspired by Roxy's Year in Review post over at Effortless Anthropologie, where she posted some of the best Anthropologie items as well as some that she missed out on.  I decided to post the "best of" each category for this post.  Some were hard to choose... we'll see if you agree!

1: Best Dress

Clearly, the Mampos dress.  I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS.  I loved it from the moment it first went online, and did not feel guilty paying full price for it.  I've worn it to weddings, parties, work, you name it.  I think it's timeless style makes it a dress I will wear for years to come.

2: Best Skirt

This was hard to choose, and I am not sure if I made the best choice.  I decided on the Sagebrush Skirt because it is more "classic" Anthropologie and is unique in both color and pattern. I haven't worn this skirt too often but plan to wear it more when spring rolls around!

3: Best Shoe

I know I mentioned it before, but the Inkwood Boots are one of the best shoe purchases I've made for some time.  I've only owned these boots for a few weeks and already I've worn them a dozen times.  They are cute and comfortable.  Too, I can dress them up or down!

4: Best Coat

Lately, I've been getting a lot of wear out of Tracey Reese's Ruched Marigold Coat.  However, the Pansy Corset Trench takes the title for 2011.  Every time I wear this coat I receive a million compliments.  Also, the coat is comfortable, bold, and classic.  I know it will be a staple in my closet for years to come!

5: Best Accessory

So, this guy isn't from Anthropologie but I adore this feather headband. It was handmade, and I purchased it over the summer at Lou Lou Boutiques. It is definitely a show stopper and adds interest to any outfit I am wearing! (This dress was in the running for top dress of the year.  I've only worn it 2 times, but it is definitely a favorite!)

How did I do?  If you had my wardrobe, would you pick the same top 5 or something different?  What are your favorite pieces from 2011?

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