Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They Say That I'm Crazy and I Kind of Understand

Not only is the subject of this post a true story, but it was the title of one of my term papers in college.  I do enjoy an interesting lyric as a title if you haven't noticed.

Well, it's December.  The Christmas countdown is ON.  Yet, we are having a bit of a heat wave in the DC area and it's been in the 60's. It feels more like Lent and preparation for Easter than Advent and preparation for Christmas.  That is not good news for my Christmas shopping which is very slow and not very steady.  Yesterday I used my 25% off Anthro coupon code and bought some goodies for my colleagues, sister, and self, of course.  Can't tell you what I got yet, but rest assured, you will see it soon! I did buy 2 things on my wishlist and will decide which to keep once they arrive.

Today's outfit of the day features Anthropologie's Walk with Me dress.  I love this guy.  I think it is a unique piece and it very comfortable.  Last year when I wore it to work, a colleague said to me "I tried that on.  My boyfriend said it looked like a table cloth so I didn't buy it."  Table cloth or not, I adore this dress.

Dress: Walk With Me, Anthropologie, 2010
Cardigan: Anthropologie, 2010
Tights: J. Crew, textured 2011
Shoes: Rennsselaer T-Straps, Anthropologie 2010
Belt: Anthropologie
Hair clip: Lou Lou Boutiques
Necklace: Premier Designs
I couldn't find the name of this cardigan anywhere.  I bought it last summer from Anthropologie. I googled it, but after about 10 minutes of searching couldn't find it so I gave up.  I guess that means I am the only person in the world who owns it.  Do you know it's name?


  1. You could be on your way to a British wedding!

  2. Cute outfit! That's the "Wish You Were Here" cardi by Guinevere :).

  3. Thanks, Alison! I'll have to remember that!